20 Replies to “Virtual Shooting Range & Guns #5 – Chainsaw – H3VR Htc Vive”

  1. I notice in these VR videos that you never know which eye you're filming. I was wondering if, while recording, you can choose which eye to record? You seem to prefer your left eye, why not just record the left side?

  2. He wishes he can feel more recoil in the controllers… Fires off a round sending the controller flying through the room

  3. Robbaz use your right eye so we can see threw the scope because when we watch the video we watch what you play from your Right eye

  4. I think they should make a barrett m82a1 if they made a m107a1 nearly the same thing just it has a different muzzle break a smaller charging handle and not cheek rest the m82a1 is my most favorite sniper rifle of all time

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