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  1. My very first flight was when I was 7 from Toronto to Gander in 1972 to go visit my grandparents on Fogo Island, Newfoundland. It was on an Air Canada Viscount and I was hooked on planes from that moment on. It made numerous stops to get there: Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax and possibly more before finally landing in Gander. But the more landings meant more takeoffs and I remember loving the sensation in your stomach when the pilot rotated the aircraft. Thanks for posting.

  2. Old classic propjet which it works this way.The propeller in the shaft turns the turbine and  produces power out the back of it.

  3. The Vickers Viscount was the aircraft used in the 1979 movie, "The Rose" with Bette Midler. There's both a takeoff and an approach scene. The sound of it's RR Darts dominates, and the sound of the props is inaudible. When you can hear the props, they make a "Chafe Cutter" or "Box Fan" sound in taxiing, and a "Bumblebee" sound in takeoff and inflight.

  4. My Mother took my brothers and me to Grandma and Grandpas
    every Christmas and Summer from Detroit to Hartland,
    on Capitol Airlines in the 1950s.Branded in my very soul !!!!!!!!!

  5. I worked on these BAF Viscounts in Aberdeen for three and a half years up until 1986. Our main contract was to fly Shell oil rig workers to Sunburgh in the Shetland Isles.
    We had no hangar space and the winters were killers, so I went off to Saudi Arabia to work on Hercs for Lockheed.
    I did like the Viscounts because the Darts were such reliable engines. In all my time there, we did only one engine change, one prop change and one gearbox change. Having said that, out aircraft were regurly rotated to Southend.
    When I worked on Southern Ait Transport's Hercs in Africa and Papua New Guinea for ten years, engine and prop changes happened at least once every three weeks, sometimes in the middle of nowhere.

  6. My mother would always recount her experiences flying on Capital Viscounts out of Washington DC from 1958 to '60.

  7. Brings back happy memories of when my mum used to take me to East Midlands to watch these birds fly. The Viscount was the first aircraft I flew on to Jersey. Loved the sound, the smell and the look. Thanks for a trip down memory lane.

  8. Unlike most of the turboprops airliners that I've seen and heard, the Viscount with the Rolls Royce Dart engines seems to sound a lot more like a fan jet aircraft, like the Airbus A-320. These Rolls Royce Dart engines must be much louder than the Pratt & Whitney turboprop engines, and virtually drown out the sound of the props, which make the "box fan" sound in taxiing, and buzz like the wings of a flying insect in takeoff and in flight.

  9. Fabulous. My favorite "ride" EVER… a love affair that began on Capital Airlines in July, 1955. Thank you Robin SO so much.

  10. Fabulous I love the sound went on quite a few of these to jersey in the 1970s they were yellow and black called northeast from Leeds and Bradford Airport happy days

  11. you could always tell a Viscount ; you could hear its tone before looking up at it. Beautiful looking & sounding British turboprop

  12. Wonderful!! I love Rolls Royce Dart engines!! The very first turboprop engines I ever heard as a child and they will always be my favourite!!

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