VLOG: Balcony fencing upgrade project in condo complex

VLOG: Balcony fencing upgrade project in condo complex

hey neighbor we're going to put up some bamboo fencing so we don't yeah see you anymore sorry let's be a little more private here got my work partner here alrighty so let's get started we're back with the new camera lens here got a little darker since the bamboo cannons from Home Depot Thank You Home Depot yeah those are it so if you don't have a long enough zip tie this is the MacGyver way use two zip ties all right balcony completion completion now we're just going to do the outside for the top it's a little wobbly and now I get a little privacy hello so now we're it's about six feet high we left it a little bottom there too so we can sweep under right you wanted to sweep under to the yeah whatever you want to clean up and she won't bark at anybody now Oh writing to the outside we go and yeah that's it okay we can enjoy our place that we can do this chill and Mishka can eat the extension cord charging my car Scot well I had to go on the other side and risk my life except you didn't appreciate it to tie the second half the middle section of the bamboo now go outside and show you what it looks like yo yo yo that backyard life goes so controller system – hmm it's a good burglar system birth word burger what you know robbery people come over and burglary home burglary well this is good because no one it's hard to you know yeah hop over you gonna take a machete system bamboo sticks before it was easier yeah I gonna hop over like I did well what about blue is hard yeah harder harder okay we should put some spikes no on the outside I think this added some value to the house what 10,000 you know dictates wonderfully we did a really good job is that way I helped I know you did you raised it up this is not a one-man job

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  1. Nice and clean in your own haven. String light's/two three trees to tie everything compliment together.

  2. I dont need them for front but would like to have something for the side my neighbour is on, as she has BBQ, and I hate the smell of propane coming in my window, does this work as a wall too?

  3. Love it. I have nosey neighbors and looking for a cheap way to create privacy. Where did you get the bamboo? How expensive? Thx

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