VLOG / First Moonboard V8 / Power Endurance Circuit Training

VLOG / First Moonboard V8 / Power Endurance Circuit Training

as you can hear it's raining outside this weekend's pretty much a washout and I was gonna go to the Grenadines incline but instead I'm hanging out in Melbourne I decided that I hadn't trained or a week this week because I'm getting over a bit of a cough a bit of a cold and the doctor yesterday told me that it was okay to train so today I went and jumped on the moon board at Northside boulders and I had a friend like my mate Eric who's been in some of my videos who lives in DC had done this VA on his moon boy at home and I thought yep I want to get on this problem that he's done so I tried it out and I was really stoked that that my strength and my power was still there despite not having climbed really hard for the last kind of four weeks due to cutting the finger and and then getting this kinda head cold so yes super stoked with that that v8 it was very tenuous and I was throwing all over the place and cutting speed but I managed to stick on and hold it out you may also remember that I tried jumping on this problem called captain Fitzroy about six months ago on the moon board have a moon board video about that and the first time I tried it I got so close to the top which is a good sign to me that you know my strength and power is coming along really well and it's it's really exciting now I'm back home and I'm going to do some power endurance training before the next couple of weekends of hard projecting outside so I have a 45 move limit Boulder circuit which has about four or five Boulder problems built into it and I'll try and do that four times in a row with two minutes rest in between how now my five minutes rest in between each repetition to just build up that power endurance so who delimit bothering empower interested a bit of a mix-up session in this micro cycle that I'm currently doing and hopefully it gets my mind strength and everything up so that when I go outside and stuff project units weekend I'm physically raring and ready to go [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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  1. Its amazing how you are so strong in so many different types of climbing. Besides a full time job. That requires a lot of dedication and is impressive.

  2. I love how you learn that you can train and then you immediately go to hard problems on the moonboard! 🙂

  3. Great job man, moon 8 sounds super tough. As a RCTM user your blogs are great, hope to see more. Keep it up.

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