I'll welcome back to my Channel today Oh y'all see my car yes cute I'm gonna do a cards first boom huh so today we at the gun range st. Nichols there's gonna be my first time shooting the gun today so I'm excited to see how this goes what is hot here in Jacksonville so I brought out the Vinci vintage Juicy Couture today jockey my little charm necklace I had offense like a year what gun is that it small one yeah that's what she need in a way that's me first gun I buy you as a 3/8 you control do you nervous yeah I know you ain't knows that's the same 22 ain't got no kick to it BB gun almost me on the other team this hair I got in my head is from O'Hare dot-com make sure y'all check them out there's some good here y'all know wouldn't give you all the tea if there was some bad here I'll need need my name's braids so I've never shot this long before 50 for you oh yeah I'm travel don't see that going the first initial shot probably won't kill the man you'd be driving down the street and be there flopped over somewhere the bullet being chopped in the side don't go through it travels inside this is the pro in the back you you should have had the bottom left I can't see if I hit that motherfucker sound good I hit a nigga from that father's can't see if I hit him and I see my bad man sleep a glass song really okay so don't touch it you heard that DJ don't touch the shell from the floor it's real hot all right this is a gun back up a little bit make sure you get all of me like a golfer okay this is a gun that's the front this is where you load your magazine your magazine okay see this goes in that's always the back that's always the part that holds the bulletin when you go and swap the magazine in just go front front front back it there's a bullet in there or two went right into the chamber Oh miss black nose but my here let me get you don't keep your hand off the trigger we gotta talk that nigga had five feet keep going on look we want to stop it further back it's Danish anybody put your own mental side away from that as long as you get your stance in your grip he's another together this is your gun alright now what you wanted to do okay stand right here you're gonna make pretend oh that's sign there is your target okay wait first thing you want to do is get your stance on so you want to get the center this here right then either with your two feet so people so you can't pee push or you can't you're going to be stable like a building you can either stand like this or you can stand like this depends just have to try it out to see what feels right for you okay now your grip we'll take this part of your finger right in here just like you're shaking hands you're gonna go just like that this is pointed down with the gun stores this to try to make it so there's no space in between the gun and your fingers because any space that's got to make a gun move see you have it like that well I'm not gonna load it I'll get you to load it in there once you get it like that take your hand just like that wrap the fingers around like that put this like that see your thumbs are like that okay are you gonna go you got your stance you got your grip so you're gonna go and you're gonna aim you're gonna aim with this guy here forget these guys don't pay attention to and with that guy and what's he got in on your target you want to move it just a little bit and you'll see three dogs right here in a row once you've got that the gun is level the guidance on target it's ready for a shot so you go get your stance on get your aim on or get your grip on get your aim on line it up and squeeze this thing this piece here that's where you're squeezed right there now I've never done here because if you squeeze up here the guns gonna roll you want to see it roll but the target until you'll see where the bullet goes okay well you look like you post the whole that girl there looking like Terry from power right front right front that's how it goes in like that okay what you're gonna do is put it in there and smack it in so it clicks when you don't want to now is tight tight squeeze you want nice and firm not over tight nice and firm let me see that oh you don't empty so when I said oh yeah what is that little one right here Lord


  1. Hello that is such a good idea these days and time it is very crazy out there so you guys be careful teaching him but he has to know so have a wonderful day beautiful in the God blessed day love you guys♥️♥️♥️♥️🤗😁

  2. Thats good to teach yourself better than every crazy people about senseless acts but dont let them tell you whats to do about those guns, its not for fun to the young folks because guns dont play, murder is real… #KeepTeachingAndProtectingYourself KEEP IT💯💯💯💯💯💯

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