VLOG – Shooting At The Gun Range,Got Sold Broken Hover Boards, Man In a Skirt…..

VLOG – Shooting At The Gun Range,Got Sold Broken Hover Boards, Man In a Skirt…..

tell me why I see a dude in a full-on fuckin skirt prostitute I guess they go everything on top like regular clothes and shit real nigga lookin shit my beer glasses all that shit everything down below is full on a skirt I'm like I'm gonna try to get him on camera a little bit this might be dangerous you don't know what this thing is thinking for real if it's niggas at her skirt money I bought a hoverboard like four days ago and it just stopped working in the middle of me riding it I charged it fully I've done everything it only been a day since I bought it I hadn't wasted anything on it but it just stopped working so they gave me a replacement and I go to plug it in and this little green light it's supposed to come on that lets you know if it's red it means it's not charged if it's green it means that it is I plug this shit in like I'm about to do right now and as you can see the light does not do anything so now the charger does not work now with that being said if you buy something and it breaks by itself a day later and then they give you a replacement and now something else is broke on it needless to say these people are fucking ripoff artists they're probably selling broken shit as brand new stuff so that they can make money off of just people in general who are buying things which is pretty fucked up just got up here at the mall to take back these broke-ass fucking two-way things I got another one of them in that bitch broke to like literally after the first time charging it I paid $450 apiece for these bitches and they broke fast as our living fuck but I was willing to show you this shit take a look at that you can't even see lies can you see it there you go it says sexy and that's such injury and it's so the injury the license plate has the nerve to be bejeweled can you leave it Snickers crafted diamonds into this you know it's the big bitch you don't see ugly as fuck to you see there's always the motherfuckers I swear to God oh they're pretty so we are standing here in front of smut wheels I bought two hoverboards from here about a couple of days ago any on a week ago or so and it told about to be 850 dollars so okay so when I when I bought the UH when I bought the hoverboards right you know everybody said everything was cool I was led to believe and I've got me some nice hoverboards man shit was gonna work out but what I didn't seem to see is if you'll come over here if you come to this side of this board store you'll see an is the only sign like right here it says in small print that's the same color as the damn the damn paper it's on it says no reason like and no one made sure to point that out to me no one say anything now we're not bought these boards the day the day after I started riding it the ship broke it just shut down right I'm thinking okay maybe it's a malfunction on my part or some shit like that so then I bring it back right I'll bring it back and see them sitting right I'll bring the ship back right and the dude exchange is the for me he's a nice guy he exchanges it for me and then I take it home and two days later it breaks again now I broke right after I charged it and a dulce de entry the first charge of that I had it wouldn't charge the ship would not charge so I used the other charge of some other box now they like when I finally tries it the ship broke again now I bring it back and now they're trying to tell me but they can't give me my money back instead they want to give me another broken board they never mentioned that there's no refunds it's just like if you bought some medicine you know I mean oh man this will cure your leaky nose and it's a small print it's like oh you know um it's just may cause leaky butthole death you'll kill your family stabbed a whole bunch of random people is shit like that you know I mean like you couldn't tell me a friend that she was instead you know they just gonna go the other route you know you know I'm now I'm out of 850 but you know and I'll scrape my money and I can't I can't do it and instead them tell me okay we'll give you more boards and I'm like why would I want to boys from places with the last two in the last four days of working on you know like and so they're basically trying to tell me I'll just fuck I gave them basically nearly a thousand dollars and I just I just lost that just but you how can you do that to somebody you know I got the receipt I got everything and you know it just doesn't matter okay so like I said I do never buy a hoverboard or whatever the fuck they call these things from there unfortunately just like I said they they they fuck you over on purpose you cannot get a refund if you want to get a Hummer from somewhere I got like fries or some planes because they offer refunds money back refunds for that they don't give refunds because they know their shit fucks up because even if when they was exchanged in the shit right they make sure not to tell you there's a refund because you know there's no refund because if you know that you're not gonna buy yep so all the people walking up in ship from then on until they finally gave us our shit I was like nigga there's no Reid not a don't buy from here there's no refund and every nobody bought from them because there was no refund get mad as fuck walked up when we just fell on one of the people it's like hey what were you guys doing here we're telling them there's no refund he's like tell him there's no refund he's like oh there's always supposed to be a refund and the only reason why you wouldn't want anybody to know there's not a refund is if you trying to fuck people and it's my name is funny too cuz they wasn't willing to do sleep for us until I drew that crowd and started telling people y'all man made fuckin people is ever get away you know what just give it to me this is a lot of man just give it to him the niggas got hella mad though minutes is so funny and Omega we snitching we're talking about the next season this year they may be terribly but as to be expected from the name what are you doing here you thought we wouldn't see d-block bitch we don't know y'all niggas know black privilege is even when they're fucking you over you're not supposed to tell like we'll have me dying that was like that that first when we first got there you hit these niggas with okay so this is what happened alright now I'm pretty sure this is the part where you tell me that I don't get a refund stupid shit you know just I just I just don't judge me man that's just how I thought it was gonna go down now isn't standing there waiting them just like I just like pulled up my sleeves and everything cuz I saw that little white dude or Mexican do whatever trying to come up on my side and shit stop man he's own I'm good yeah approaching me from outside that fool of us Lee hey man how you doing I'm good it was so fucking bad not like if the thing was that was so docile it was so grossly apparent that they did not they did not want to turn on one any friend to be there but if some stupid shit would have been bad for you we gonna whip that ass and like we gonna pull up the car and take all the hoverboards and them shits out for free in the streets boys for time T and that's like one of my faults dude like the first thing I always think is okay we're gonna have to go up here and fight these people I guess the first that was the first one then we was driving this the whole time I'm like okay we got to go fuck these niggas up you know I mean their boss was shady as fuck though and he's never ever ever ever Barbara always ask if there's a refund you see donated enough gang signs out this bitch yo Crippin for real hey what are you doing he's obviously a master level wizard [Applause] okay so today but to shoot some rounds said I might protect the gear on we are at the gun store but to go back there and hopefully not let one off into my own leg just shot my first shotgun this was the results got all up in that ass what the soup tank rounds out this bitch [Applause] closed about oh Jesus okay so the homie wait to go get some more rounds for me some more Glock rounds two shotgun rounds do with homie shot whatever that was an anti-vehicle tank round that whatever the fuck it was it was like being a foot away from Goku as he charged a Kamehameha the shock wave on that thing oh my god the Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator type gun this is going to be this is gonna be festive in the end in the least okay I blew all of his ass up I got that lasso riding desire Fetty WAP this ass that was fun but I liked I would have to sell like the pump-action one better yeah it's more practical someday someday

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  1. The gun is is called a barret.50 it’s a 50 caliber sniper rifle that shoots a round that was once only used for the us military machine guns.

  2. Now who in the world was sell that many broken boards? Either these purple have a lot of money and bought a lot of broken boards from people who had them or they bought a lot of new hoverboards and probably mess with them till they've reached the point where it stopped working or did some stuff to them where it doesn't work

  3. Yo, they got a Tommy gun up in there? I would be letting some f**king rounds with that Thompson Submachine Gun right on that mother f**king target, fire it from the hip and let it loose. Ya feel me, right man? I'm a nerd for those f**king guns.

  4. Get one from Walmart. I know that people are going to call you pour but still. A hoverboard is a hoverboards

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