VOX: "No SEX TESTING in Sports!" (Caster Semenya's Testosterone)

VOX: "No SEX TESTING in Sports!" (Caster Semenya's Testosterone)

hey guys welcome back to the show this episode is going to be a response to a Vox video that argues against sex testing in sports and this video isn't exactly new it's around a month old but I was only recently recommended it by YouTube because apparently that's the kind of content you need to make if you want YouTube to recommend you but speaking of YouTube and recommends if you like this video we would really appreciate it if you liked shared and subscribed it helps us out a ton YouTube D ranks content like ours now so if you're enjoying this video and we're having a good time together why not share it on Facebook Twitter reddit or heck even email it to someone it goes a long way for us plus if you did want to go that extra mile to support the show you can of course always head on over to blaze tv.com slash Lauren and subscribe using the code Lauren to save money on your annual subscription we're not on patreon anymore so if you did want to chip in for the show that would be how you do it not only do you help us keep the lights on over here but you also get a ton of other great shows to watch like Stephen Crowder's Phil Robertson's Ally Stuckey's and many more again that's blaze tv.com slash Lauren and don't forget to use the code Lauren but now let's get to talkin about some sports with a few seconds to go in the women's 800 meters the group of athletes was tightly packed on the final straightaway caster Semenya broke away three years later the South African runner was at court appealing a band that could keep her from defending her title at the next Olympics currently when the conversations surrounding sex and sports comes up it's usually in regard to trans athletes specifically those athletes who are born biologically male but now want to compete with biological females but what's interesting about this Fox video is that the athlete they're referring to caster Semenya she's not trans so a lot of people going into this video without knowing anything about Semenya even if they do believe that biological males shouldn't be able to compete with biological females would likely be outraged and confused that a woman just a regular woman would be denied the right to compete with other women it just seems like such an arbitrary and unfair ruling she wasn't being banned because she cheated but because sports officials had decided that she no longer qualified as a female athlete such allegations say they are not my business understand so for me they do their job I do my job sure okay she does look and maybe sound a little masculine but you know what a lot of female athletes do that's no reason to exclude her from women's competitions but the top governing body for athletics the I double AF selected some mania for testing to determine whether she is female most recently their criteria for female competitors has been testosterone a hormone produced by both men and women semenya has naturally high levels of testosterone ah there it is you see what Vox wants you to believe is that Semenya is just like any other woman who happens to naturally have testosterone levels that are just a little on the higher side in which case excluding her from women's competitions sounds as ridiculous as excluding someone like Venus or Serena Williams however what Vox and a lot of other people won't tell you is that semenya is actually intersex and was born with male that is X Y chromosomes as the Telegraph reported in 2009 about then eighteen-year-old Semenya quote casters is a hermaphrodite tests show the tests carried out on the 18 year old shortly after her victory in Berlin are believed to have shown that she has a chromosomal abnormality that gives her both male and female characteristics according to reports in the Australian media the medical tests have established that she has no womb or ovaries and that she also has internal testes the male sexual organs responsible for producing testosterone earlier analysis had revealed that semenya stess tossed her own levels were three times the normal level for a woman even if you do believe that Semenya should be able to compete in women's sports you have to admit that the conversation is a lot more complicated than just oh she has higher testosterone levels we're gonna be talking all about testosterone levels in just a few seconds but even aside from her higher testosterone levels semenya having XY chromosomes gives her a whole bunch of athletic advantages over regular xx chromosome women men and women's bodies are just different male athletes have better cardiovascular fitness with a higher oxygen carrying capacity than female athletes male athletes also have longer and larger bones with less fragile ligaments giving them an advantage quote in sports that involve throwing kicking and hitting male athletes also have a higher ratio of muscle mass to body weight those biological differences and more give men the upper hand against women in almost every sport that's why we see things like the Williams sisters arguably some of the best female tennis players on the planet being beaten by a male player who is comparatively away lower in his own sexist rankings and that's also why we see national women's soccer teams losing to teenage boys men and women are just different and by and large women cannot compete physically with men and I know that semenya isn't just a man she is intersex but clearly she does have a lot of male characteristics that are paying off when you think about it really the only reason why we have gender segregated sports competitions is to give female athletes a chance so with that in mind it just doesn't make much sense to say to someone who has all of these male characteristics including X Y chromosomes and be like yeah go ahead just dominate the women and I know that it sucks for semenya and other people like her but real competition in sports is not a human right and if sports competitions can't be fair then there's really no point in having them at all testosterone is related to lean body mass and building of muscle but it's not the only thing that contributes to that this is Katrina carcasses a bioethicists who advocates on behalf of athletes like Semenya there are not only other physiological factors that could be vo2max heart size any number of things but there are factors that don't have to do with someone's physiology factors like nutrition coaching and equipment all play into an athlete's performance so it's unclear how testosterone can be singled out as the defining factor nobody to the best of my knowledge has ever said that testosterone is the only thing that affects your athletic performance I'm guessing these people already know this and are just being obtuse but the reason why we focus on testosterone in sports is because it's one of the differences between men and women and men and women don't compete together in sports the distribution of testosterone levels among humans is bimodal that means there's two peaks aside from maybe intersex people there is no overlap between the testosterone levels of women and men as this data shows you even the most effeminate man is still gonna have around five times more testosterone than the most butch woman the decision to test athletes for testosterone levels wasn't just this arbitrary choice there was actually a lot of data and science behind it old sex ed films taught that a chromosome pairing of XX from a mother and father means a child will be female and this always means a girl and in XY pairing will create a male that's right a boy now I'm the typical categories of xx females XY males that's right there are many other ways about he can develop people who have differences of sexual development or DSD are also known as intersex I hear this kind of argument a lot and it never fails to frustrate me just because intersex people exist that does not mean that we can't say that men have XY and women have XX chromosomes that would be like saying that because a two-headed baby was born in India it means we can no longer say that humans as a species have one head medical abnormalities do not determine the rule intersex people existing does not mean that we can just no longer make definitive statements about biological sex duty Chand an Indian sprinter who naturally produces high levels of testosterone was put through the new test in 2014 the testosterone limit for female athletes had been set at 10 nanomoles per liter Chand failed her test and was banned from competing as female just a reminder if we can go back to our graph here about testosterone levels females tend to have testosterone levels measuring between 0.3 and 1.68 nanomoles per liter meaning that someone with 10 animals per liter would have more than 5 times the amount of testosterone that the average female does duty Chand has hyperandrogenism a medical condition that gives her those higher testosterone levels maybe you think testosterone testing is unfair to people like duty Chand but would it really be fair to women as a whole if the only women who ended up winning sports competitions are people like her with medical conditions again I know it sucks for these guys but competing in sports is not a human right without these rules in place competing in sports would be pointless and winning in these competitions would be almost impossible for the 99% of women out there who don't have these medical conditions in 2018 authorities returned with the new testosterone limit and this time they had evidence that female athletes with high testosterone outperformed in certain events but here's the catch the data has been questioned by members of the scientific community despite the scrutiny now IWF set the new testosterone lemon even lower at five nanomoles per liter this is just ridiculous and I don't know if Fox is lying about this or just being ignorant but testosterone absolutely does affect your performance physically it's not the only thing that affects it but it is a contributor in fact as the Mayo Clinic explains in the article performance-enhancing drugs quote some athletes take a form of steroids known as anabolic androgenic steroids or just anabolic steroids to increase their muscle mass and strength the main anabolic steroid hormone produced by your body is testosterone testosterone has two main effects on your body anabolic effects promote muscle building and androgenic effects are responsible for male traits such as facial hair and a deeper voice some athletes take straight testosterone to boost their performance the anabolic steroids used by athletes are often synthetic modifications of testosterone the effects of testosterone on physical performance are so well documented that it is used as a performance-enhancing drug a steroid remember the high end of the distribution of female testosterone levels is around two nanomoles per liter so the cutoff of 5 nano moles per liter is still well above where the average woman is and by the way just so no one can say anything about sexism male athletes also get their testosterone levels tested to ensure that they're not cheating as this study explains quote the primary screening method for the detection of doping by athletes using synthetic versions of androgynous steroids such as testosterone relies on measurement of the ratio of testosterone to epi testosterone in urine what testosterone effects athletic ability why I never no no go home Fox you're drunk the ban would require semenya to undergo medical treatment to lower her testosterone which could potentially cause harmful side effects this is something semenya has spoken out against in the past here Vox is making it seem like these evil people are forcing unsafe medical procedures upon Semenya but it's like she doesn't need to compete she could just walk away however if she did want to compete there is that option available to her she doesn't need to take it though some men isn't the only athlete affected the other top two runners in breo's silver medalist Francine en Sabah and bronze medalist Margaret Wayne buoy have also said they were affected by the ruling meaning all three podium finishers from Rio might be banned from defending their title at the next Olympics unless they take steps to regulate their natural levels of testosterone that's right all three medalists from the 2016 Olympics women's 800 are intersex and I actually have seen reports online that the other two medalists aside from Semenya are also specifically XY intersex but that doesn't seem to be certain in either case though if intersex people only make up 1.7 percent of the population and people specifically with a chromosomal sex that is inconsistent with their phenotypic sex ie like samanya or any other woman with XY chromosomes only make up 0.01 8 percent it does seem to me at the very least unlikely that at the Olympics all three medalists would be intersex Vox is trying to make it seem like gone no they're just like any other woman who just dominates all the other women because of a medical condition that gives them traits similar to males this may come as a shock to you all but the truth is I am NOT a competitive athlete I know I know it's a big surprise at the end of the day whether people like Semenya can compete in women's sports isn't going to affect me directly but still I wanted to talk about the story for two reasons number one because it just seems so unfair to female athletes all over the world and you don't need to be a female athlete yourself to realize that and number two because the way that box and people like them talk about sex in this instance actually helps to frame the entire conversation about the existence of biological sex I remember around four years ago people used to say that gender was a social construct but that biological sex that was real but now it's like not even biological sex is real to these people the Overton Window is shifting further and further toward unicorn land now kids are transitioning their gender and it's considered bigoted to not whack someone's balls and it's like no enough is enough we need to stop all this and draw line in the sand biological sex is real and we need to live with that reality that's pretty much all I have to say about the issue though and as always I would love to know what you guys think do you support sex testing in sports and do you think people like semenya should be able to compete with women let me know but that's it for now thank you guys so much for tuning in and I'll see you next time

34 Replies to “VOX: "No SEX TESTING in Sports!" (Caster Semenya's Testosterone)”

  1. While winning those medals , Castor had a baby with a woman the old fashioned way. Seriously people this is what it has come to. Why bother with women's sports at all if this is what it is going to be. Just save the money in all these sports programs for women.

  2. Save your breath. The “social-justice, Gender Studies” crowd only believes in evidence when it supports their loony narrative.

  3. The average human in the world has less than 2 arms but we can still define a human as having 2 arms.

    The reason we focus on testosterone is because while it's not the only thing to contribute to athletic ability it is the primary thing that does. In car racing there are many things that determine how fast a car will go but the primary thing is the engine. A 50hp engine will always be slower that a 900hp engine regardless of the cars design (assuming they're close to the same size car). Basically a van with 900hp will always be faster than a F1 with 50hp.

  4. Also, what Vox and other mental defects are saying is that normal men cannot take steroids BUT “trans” female-to-male CAN (must) and to say anything against the clear double standard is “transphobic”, LOL! Gotta love those phake fauxBias!

    Leftards are sciencePhobic, realityPhobic!

  5. We don't make laws and rules in general based on extreme minority situations. Sorry, but this athlete (the intersex one) does not quality for competing in standard "female" events. And while testosterone is not the "only" factor in performance, it is a MAJOR ONE. And like said, we have biological norms… those are the default, not extreme minorities or DEFECTS. The left have simply lost their collective minds….. and shame on the rest of the world for letting them pull their crap.

  6. Caster Semenya is a man. Intersex men are still men. They are not a third sex or half sex. They are male with a developmental sexual disorder.

  7. Are we seriously going to pretend that Venus and Serena Williams aren’t clearly full of testosterone?
    But at least they have an excuse unless we’re going to require a testosterone level class like we do weight class, LOL! But this birth defect with NO womb or ovaries is NOT A WOMAN!
    Why not create a trans-class sports league?

  8. I'm sick of arguing about this. Let's just desegregate sports. Men and women can compete on the same teams. No quotas, if you can make the teams, you're good to go.
    Abolish women in sports in the name of equality and fairness!

  9. I have to raise a point, though. You say that if sports aren't fair, what is the point; but on the other side of the coin, you get people with natural athletic capability (or physical abilities) that doesn't have to work as hard as average athletes? Where is the fairness in a person that works tireless and can't reach the heights of someone that puts in the minimal effort?

  10. Yep I agree with the testing and there needs to be a new class created in sports for these people to compete in.

  11. What people seem to forget is that what we consider "sports" were developed by men to compete among themselves. There are plenty of activities in which women compete among themselves. The problem comes when women, or men, are expected to compete in areas that the other gender established to test themselves.

    Or you can simply say men and women are equal in all ways, as some progressives do, and simply do away with all gender distinctions in sports, eliminating all single-gender categories. That would certainly meet the "fairness" criterion, unless you are saying that one or other gender is inherently inferior in any category, but who would dare say that?

  12. Oh Lauren,I am just saying…Your complacency in competition…Should be balanced out…By a spouse…Who has so much passion…That you will be eager to match his competitiveness in life…I do pray that you find this person in real life…

  13. She sounds like a male, not a woman! Even the most stereotypical of lesbians sound like females! Let’s face the fact, Semenya didn’t ask to be born innersexed, it’s not her fault. But if she does have higher levels of testosterone and stronger and longer bones, it gives her an advantage over biological woman.

  14. you can split the human population by those who have the y chromosome, and those who don't.
    you can name these groups however you like, i'll use the term most humans use.
    have Y chromosome = male
    else = female

    this definition includes all the weird bugs that some people get, like: xxy, xyy, etc…

  15. I think athletes like Caster Semenya should be able to compete…However,on the condition that she takes a testosterone suppressing drug…That would balance out any unfair advantage Caster has…

  16. LOL @ the Vox argument: "nutrition also affects performance so there's no way of knowing how much testosterone affects performance" I guess we should allow doping then, because "nutrition also affects performance and there's no way of knowing how much doping affects performance" they're really grasping for straws.

  17. In my thirtys I took on bodybuilding with a friend just for looks and after 4 weeks of intensive training we started injected testosterone for about 8 months. The effect of this was unbelievable. You feel much more confident, you want to work out like crazy, you can train 6 times a week for 3 hours a day and don't need nearly as much rest as without, you can eat tons of food without getting body fat and your strength and your grit at training improves drastically. Somebody who says testosterone doesn't affect your ability to train and recover from training just doesn't know shit and has obviusly no personal experience. The difference may be much smaller with lower levels, but still this is a training hormone and seriously effects your ability to train.

    On top of that testosterone is a feel-good hormone. Nobody should want to lower his or her levels. It is like half a line of cocaine without the downer. You just can't be bothered and just feel good about yourself. This experiment told me A LOT about why men and women are so different in behaviour and feelings, and testosterone is a big part of this.

  18. I'm sorry but that woman's torso looks exactly like a man's. I'm seeing that compared to the other women in that sport, too, and they don't have wide torsos like that whatsoever. So that's enough of an indicator for me that she shouldn't be participating in women's sports.

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