29 Replies to “Wake the Line – Wakeboard”

  1. Colegas probad en mar abierto…son buenos rayders,pero me gustaría verlos con corrientes,olas…y cabo de arrastre,me pones en una piscina y hago mortales vaya😂😋😎

  2. If youre going 17-25 mph on a wkaeboard and you get big air, you can easily break bones… Its not a "Sport for the disabled"

  3. I wanna see you try to ride that! i bet it would take you sometime to even start riding! and also skateboarding and wakeboarding 2 very different sports! so stop hating and try it out! i bet you will love it once you try!

  4. wow, i've seldom seen a sport as retarded as this one…
    looks like 13 year old wannabe skaters who are afraid of falling onto the concrete
    this does not look like a sport. it looks like a ride in an amusement park for the disabled! 😉

  5. If anyone wants a sick custom made wake the line T-Shirt you can get them at my store here, ZAZZLEdotCOM/TyrantDesign?rf=238566627095212948. It's the most recent product.

  6. Why do people hate on other sports so much? Just enjoy it! I love to kneeboard, wakeboard, wakeskate, ski, oh and of course tube 🙂 haha stop being babies! It's about having fun and drinking some cold ones out on the boat!!!

  7. ok well kind of like scooters and skaters kneeboarding doesnt take much skill but wakeskating and wakeboarding does take alot more skill kneeboarding is kind of gay i mean if you meet a girl and you tell her your a pro kiteflyer thats kind of a kid sport but if you tell her your a skateboarder youll be alot cooler
    not that big of a deal but you know people these days!
    cheers mate im going eat some fish and chips

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