21 Replies to “Wakeboard Fitness – Easy Gym Exercises”

  1. Great wakeboard specific training video! Love your videos David! Now I just need to get out and wakeboard more often. 🙂

  2. Really stoked on seeing the workout video, helps a ton with understanding workouts and what you need to do to stay ready for the wake! Thanks for the vid dude

  3. Okay, so probably duing crossfit for more than 2 years now (5-6 time s aweek), i should be ready for the season 😀

  4. The deadlift is actually the best exercise in general! But the execution has to be on point to keep your spine save.

  5. Thought I'd give deadlifts a crack last night. A heavy weight you said ….. 80kg + bar wasn't all that much fun.

  6. This doesn't have anything to do with this video but you should make a vid on how to be super steezy

  7. This is not just for wakeboarding but for any sport 🙂 Love to see more of this kind of video in the future.

  8. So good to see a wakeboarder focused gym video. I was googling for something like this and didnt find anything so this is awesome. Especially the forearm stuff. Gutted that the weather looks rubbish for coaching tomorrow in Dubai 🙁

  9. Sweeeettt! One of the best Wake vídeos ever! Please bro, do more videos like this one! Cheers bro!

  10. Excellent, so glad to see this. Worth the weight (ha! Sorry…) and now putting it together on paper for my own workout. Top work

  11. Great video David!!! I have always searched for a subject like that, but never found!!! Thanks man, you are the guy!!! 👊🏼

  12. Hey David! I 100 % agree to that weight exercises. The most of them are similar to mine.
    Especially the back must be trained, because i had one summer season back pains, but not anymore since i train it 🙂 I'm doing also balance and cognitive exercises (on trampoline, balance board, floor) with and without a handle.

  13. nice video. did tom say how many days to do this during wakeboard season? I'd think 2ish, but want to check.

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