10 Replies to “Wakeboard History Rides”

  1. My first board was a skurfer too and you definitely needed to avoid being hit by one when you crashed. The HO was my second board the one with those neon colors then later on hyperlite pro models and then a liquid force.

  2. Dude… My current level of stoke is maxed out. Thanks for taking my classic board out for a rip. The crack is just your stamp of approval. It's officially retired and lives on my wall so I can tell the story behind it. 😎💥👊🏻💥👍🏻

  3. Some history right there!  That Skurfer held up great considering it was never intended to encounter those massive and powerful G wakes

  4. Ah the first wakeboards. My first board was a Hydroslide. Bindings are so floppy I landed a couple big 180s with my foot out of the binding! Then tried to switch back and faceplanted from the gigantor center fins haha

  5. It always amazes me how you/other "original" guys did what you did on those old boards. I still have my first board that got me started in wakeboarding. "Lunatic" I bought from walmart in 2000. Rode all summer on it behind my 40hp sea king boat. Maybe I'll ride it this summer. I'm scared it may break.

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