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  1. Thanks For the help! The only problem i have is i land fakie ALL the time when I finish the flip. Any advice why this is happening?

  2. No Lol. I can't do this trick, but I'd suspect that, just like snowboarding, you do them on the trampoline first. I suggest looking up backflip tutorials for flat ground backflips in order to build proper backflip form on the trampoline (because you can build REALLY sloppy, out of control technique otherwise). Then, once you have them controlled with good form, start to lay them out and wah lah

  3. In order to tantrum you have to be able to clear the wake with eas and you have to have a fairly large wake when you are first trying it but i recommend you land a back roll before doing the tantrum

  4. Hey, check out my attempt at a Tantrum too please! The title is "The trip to a Wakeboarding Tantrum (Backflip)" =) I still have yet to try it behind a boat!

  5. i did this a couple times i was just pointing the board and going and i was getting wake to wake but i wasnt getting a high but u have to lean against the boat and build tension

  6. I used to trip the flip and i got quicker rotation, but i found that i get better pop for bigger tantrums and more time to spot my landing if i actually hit it like a normal wake jump with just a slight squaring off to the wake, extend fully, and just throw my head and back backwards for rotation

  7. how dangerous is this trick? if you landed directly on your head would there be a chance of a broken neck?

  8. Awesome video man! I love just pulling tantrums all the time now whenever I get a chance to ride. My problem is I don't really get enough height, am I coming in too quickly? flipping too early?

  9. @walkthemilkyway Slow down if you're scared but I would just go normal speed. I go about 19ish. I was never close to getting hurt when I first learned at that speed.

  10. @pop1it2lock3it do a smooth transition, don't shove the ts of the board into the water, do a slow movement from your heels to your toes… it is all about board control

  11. @elementBAM9317 not necessarily, if the everything is done correctly the wake will throw you into the flip, that is if you let it… don't hold back and let the wake kick you backwards and spot the water

  12. this whole tripping thing makes the whole concept way more confusing! jut feel it out and its all good

  13. @MrThirsty15 I have the same problem with doing them on a trampoline but i have less of a problem attempting these just because of being more comfortable on the water.

  14. when i land it my rope is slack an i get like a whiplash from the boat an cant hold onto the rope.. what am i doing wrong?

  15. @krookedKiller13 yeah, i wakeboard a ton, and i went snowboarding for the first time ever this winter, and the second day out i could already jump and do grabs(: the jumping part feels really similar, but when you first learn either one of them its kinda different..(:

  16. haha that makes sence!! the first time i tried it, i thought it would kinda be like a backflip into a pool, but its not even close. i threw my main vertabrea out 11 degrees. i kinda just went for it, i didnt really know what to expect. but now, after watching this, its hella easy!!

  17. I learned the tantrum before i even learned the 360. I would recommend the tantrum. I think its a lot easier.

  18. Great video very good explaination. Didn't know about the one hand thing 🙂 hopefully get it right this vacation will let you know! thnx

  19. totally agree, i like the practice instructions they give u before u even try to attepmt, gives you better feel and also corrects and bad habbits u may take on by just giving hell and going for the invert

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