18 Replies to “Wakeboard Tantrum and Raley Crashes”

  1. gotta stand up taller at the wake, hold the edge through the way, and use more of a progressive edge while leaning back more instead of all the squat to improve that jump before hitting those tricks. The raley coulda been easy if these things were down before hand

  2. i Thought this video was going to make me scared of attempting these tricks, but it has made me more confident by showing me how i would control my crashes. keep up the great work!

  3. Shoulders back and hips up! If you crouch/bend over the board it'll throw you off, keep a good balance and center of gravity!

  4. This is great – I remember learning both these tricks, and the joy of getting them. Raley is scariest, but have to go big to land it!

  5. Sick! It's nice just watching amateurs get at it to help gain the confidence to do the same. Got to start somewhere.

  6. Good job lads just gotta keep trying to progress . I'd ignore that comment from hunter Armstrong, is imagine he's a grade A twat 🙂

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