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  1. lol gf i just figured out that the rope is supposed to be like 50ft long the one i was using was about half that >.< should make doing 180s alot easier lol.

  2. Ummm…it's not really about the speed but how much u carve and how tall ur wake is.also,the faster u go,they skinnier and shorter ur wake gets due to the boat lifting out of the water slightly

  3. In all board sports you have to push off to get that pop. Which is why you have the ollie in skateboarding 😛

  4. @salutonpot5555555 the wake on my boat gets around mid calf so im sure you can get wake to wake if i can

  5. You probably need to cut harder, and also extend as you climb the lip of the wake. I find that on a boat with a smallish wake, and a low pole, I have to rely more on speed and a decent extension to get across – not sure what your situation is though, just thought it may help.

  6. its a big assed lake… it never gets this smooth… ive been on the water at 6 am and its been rough as hell… just depends on how many boats are on the water and how bad the wind is blowin… never gets close to glass like this… it was pretty damn smooth last time i went out.

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