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  1. Really helpful video, maybe text when comparing the jumps from a trampoline and behind a boat. Film the jump from the tree the rope is attached too. So that the boat and the trampoline jump angle shots are the same.

  2. Hi. Great video. Could you tell me what trampolie minimal size I need ? I'm 6ft tall , 75kg. Kind Regards.

  3. Hey David u r a awesome wakeboarder/ YouTuber. Just a tip. If u put a bungy cord mid rope. It helps simulate the pull from the boat

  4. Where and how can I train, when i got no garden? x) There are some giant trampoline parks around my place, but i doubt there is any handle

  5. Hey Dave, awesome video. Trampoline is an amazing training tool. Have you ever tried a bounce board? It's a foam board that you can strap on to your feet. It is meant for snowboard training here in Canada. Maybe I can send you one and you could make a video with it.

  6. Any tips for attaching the rope to the tree? do you use bungee cords so you can pull on it better or do you just tie the rope to the tree? I have tried both ways and without the bungee cord the rope felt too tight and when I would try whirlybirds or other tricks I would start spinning but the rope would get so tight and have no stretch to it that I would get locked into place and I could not do the trick. Plus it hurts

  7. dave me oul flower!!! what do you reckon about using a trampboard or something similar. I see theres foam ones you can get on amazon, i think they are called bounceboards.I see you're on the shannon this week, don't forget to pop into my local baysports inflatable park!!!!!

  8. Thanks for the backroll tip. I have been trying to figure out how to throw the backroll but it never makes sense because I always pictured it as a sideways backflip. Never realized it's really just a front flip ! Your videos are great dude! Keep it up!

  9. Gidday Dave
    Just bought a tramp and now I'm finally nutting out the 360 handle pass! thanks for the awesome videos! So much depth and detail which is the biggest help
    Cheers from sunny Queensland Australia yeww

  10. Yo David, if you are ever in the US boarding please hmu! I'd love to have a good wake session with you!! Learning lots from your vids 😁

  11. Thanks David! Lucky for me i got gym training tommorow, and i'll finnaly learn a backroll! ( At least from a pro )

  12. Love your videos david will defiantly be practising my new tricks when I get back to wakeboarding after my acl reco – landed my first tantrum and managed to do my acl on the landing.. 🙁

  13. Nice helpful video! For a few ideas (cable riding) firstly different ways of doc starting e.g. Nollie. Secondly show wear the carrier needs to be on the cable when attempting to raley e.g. Is it after the corner? On the corner? Or just before? Thirdly how to backroll.

    Keep on posting those videos!

  14. to add a note… local Craigslist here in MD there are ton's of used tramp's for under $200… I lucked out and got an old one for free! from a coworker that was showing me photos of a Harley he was selling and I noticed that there was a tramp in the background in a photo… I said not really in to the the Harley but how much for the tramp… he said if you can haul it it's yours.

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