Wakeboard Trampoline Training

Wakeboard Trampoline Training

Oh Oh lads and lassies welcome back to the YouTube okay so it is winter in the northern hemisphere screw you if you're in the southern hemisphere although I'll be coming to you soon well anyway basically what I'm trying to say is it's winter and when you can't go on your boat or when you can't go down to your local cable or when you can't go on your winds or you can't go on your Ferrari George girl mad bastard you've got to have some sort of alternative way to stay fit well you don't have to where everyone's asking for it the best thing you can do is just like have general fitness so like gundo gym and doing a normal program like including everything I would say obviously you something like legs and cord because you probably use that the most out there and like you don't really do very much push when your weight boarding it's more like pull based exercises but just general fitness is the answer but it's actually only the second answer because part a is 1 million percent trampoline like the trampoline is the best thing it's good for fitness just jog down on it if you did a hundred jobs every single day I guarantee you after a hundred days of hundred jobs it's a lot of jumps you would be fit as a fiddle then if you take that into the equation with the cross-training of aerial awareness like familiarizing yourself with tricks it is insane it's mind-blowing you have to do trampoline look I actually don't think you'll find a pro a boarder who is not unbelievably sick on trampoline come on over here we'll put the camera over there I've done a video on traveling before but basically like they're not the most expensive things in the world like I think this one was like 200 euro and that was like 7 years ago so prices are bad has gone down since then and even if they have it like you probably get a second how more than like eBay or Amazon for like I'd say less than 200 on in America Australia England Taiwan whoever you're from once you have your trampoline next thing needs like an old handle you can make a homemade warm but chances are if you wait boy you probably have one of these bad boys lying around the gap let's get it like just some basic jobs right this is like so easy and actually even like a 360 you did not wonder twice a day and you're gonna get really sweaty really thick buddy said you did a hundred times for a hundred days you'd be fibbing then like if you up your game and you get into trying like some 360s you'll see like it's the exact same even a stylist would if you go poking at its exact same but check video left versus video on the right see so taxis are kind of kill pad they're the same thing the next thing inverts it's a touchy subject I don't want to say just go for the home Iraq and like I'd advise disclaimer I'd advise getting a net around shambling Marlene is quite sketchy what's your lesson so if you tried like a front flip I'd say maybe you could do this at home just kind of go in like this and like it's not that bad but make sure you have soul with you because the last thing you want to do is complete stack it eat crap when it comes to like back flips and stuff and actually just flips in general my honest opinion is like go to like a proper trampoline place because there would be nothing worse than hurting yourself on a trampoline trying to help your wavering so even if you go to one class it probably won't cost that much money get yourself they'll put you in a harness learn the flare blow the rotation then you can go home like then you can free to do whatever you want yeah so hang on it actually does it gets so warm it's not even so in the last video I compared what it looks like to your trick and a trampoline versus real life and it's amazing like I actually I said this the last one and I actually mean every word it is nearly impossible to do a trick on the wakeboard you had annoying and travelling before like we all like us pros for the majority have limp and stomped it and got so familiar with the aerial awareness and where you're at in the end when you go on the board like it doesn't hurt as much or like ideally you don't even fall because you actually are so familiar where you are in the air for example really far right I do this trick all the time on the boat and like I'll squeeze it in right at the end of a past the reason being I can do it so easy on drama literally from a stand so I can do all juggling completely breathless cuz I'll just film the whole video then I realize I didn't even go stitch to you I didn't even press the cord so am I'll try and keep you on but basically he's like I want to show you just some of the harder tricks so you can see like everything I do on the whiteboard it makes so much sense when you see like the like my awareness on the trampoline sorry holy crap it's hard to talk be breathless I like think at the same time oh yeah so you know here's some tricks alright guys so I actually took it out of me because what doesn't come through you on the filming and the video is that each time I press record for some reason my camera just didn't recorded so I actually did all that like two or three times which means I'm lucky and yeah it's hard for me to like just emphasize like this is the best thing you can do there is no magic trick to staying fair in the winter like it's just like working like just staying fit like doing this or like it can be any type of fitness that you enjoy it doesn't it could be snowboarding likes not worrying so gonna take but basically like if there was ever a magic trick then this trampoline here is to David Blaine because it is just the best thing you can ever do that's basically it for the trampoline video today Sunday tomorrow is Monday and I have an unbelievably cool video planned and filming tomorrow then I'll hopefully do like a facebook video of it tomorrow which is Monday and then choose down your doctor behind the scenes for the YouTube so until then YouTube I will see then not making much sense I'm tired I have a stitch I'm gonna go drink some water and I'll see you soon

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  1. A few quick questions.
    1. You are wearing shoes. Is this something you recommend? I've always went barefoot
    2. Any advice on how to do some of the more comlpicated tricks and stay in center? Spins and base flips I can do and spin land in the center. But as soon as I start combining flipping and spinning I can sometimes land it but basically land right on the net. I assume its from me trying to start flipping/spinning early, but I can't imagine delaying the spin/flip and still landing a 360 backflip. Any advice on this?

  2. Hi David, I like your videos. I'm 9 years old from Australia and want to start doing 360s and flips off the kickers. I don't have much space in my backyard. Would a 2.5m tramp be big enough to practice?

  3. When you measure your trampoline do you go from pole to pole or just the edge of the fabric? Is it easier to do the whirlybird with the rope? I'm trying backflip 360s without the rope now but adding the rope seems sketchy.

  4. Thanks David. My girls have a trampoline in the yard which I am starting to use for fitness. Aside from that as a "winter sport" I've taken to chopping wood with an axe. Great workout for your core, especially when you use so much core to initiate rotation!

  5. you can practice whit your wakeboard on the tramp, than you would know how it is like having a board under need you 😉 it is a different feeling whit out a board than whit a board :p

  6. Hey Dave how come your trampoline is missing some of the springs? Or have you removed them? Does this provide more height from bouncing on your tramp?.. I need to get more height of my tramp its a 14ft.

  7. ok, how about a video for terminology and trick names and descriptions. front roll vs back roll vs tantrum. different grabs, switch, inverts, etc. that would help my intermediate riding a ton!!!! love your videos, best wake channel out there man!

  8. Are there any tricks you should not try on the trampoline to avoid developing bad habits? Like a raley for example. Since your cut in is such a major part of the trick would it be a bad idea to practice raleys on the tramp?

  9. That's insane! I had a trampoline until I totally broke it haha. One time I was learning to backflip (yes, AFTER learning the Tantrum) and somehow ended landing on my garden roses. No bueno…

  10. Hey! Great video! We've just winterised our boat on Friday… so won't be seeing it again until March/April 🙁 What size trampoline is that? Cheers!

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