44 Replies to “Wakeboard Trick: How to do a Front Flip”

  1. It took me about 15-20 tries, and I landed one of these (slightly concussed)!! It helps I used to do intense parkour in highschool and I can do a standing back-tuck, but your video is a great explanation. Be ready for those two motions, up and over!

  2. That is such a good explanation. Wish I had that 20 years ago when I was smashing myself learning

  3. what set up do you use while recording these i have been using on my go pro mounted to the top of the tower and i cant get this great of quality

  4. used to do whitewater, but now I live in flat S. Florida. I'm looking aat this as being my most likely new activity. Is it real expensive as far as lessons and equipment? 

  5. i landed this trick first try but once i hit the wake i popped hard waited till i was at the top of my jump then threw it, instead of throwing it with your upper body right off the wake

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  11. Frontflip is very hard! Even on the cable, alot of people do ''Frontlfips'' wich I more like to call ''Front Bends'' or ''S Flips'' Its something inbetween. You really need to focus for a Frontflip, its not a trick I can do brainlessly.

  12. can u jump with a beginner wakeboard cause they told me that if u jump with it and when u land it will brake .
    pls tell me if that's true.

  13. too much emphasis on all the small technical things. Sum it up solid hard approach, but not lightning fast, good pop, sideways cartwheel motion, let the rope pull you around.

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