what is up y'all me Bobby and Courtney you've just arrived to shark wake park and we are unloading the car right now and yeah we already got our wristbands and waivers done but just gonna put my board together and stuff and then I'm just gonna head over to the dock way over there and I guess we're just gonna ride just got my binding screwed on and uh yeah it's gonna walk to the park with Bobby ah here's the lake it looks absolutely massive features look huge – oh yeah hopefully be a good time so if you ever come to shark wake park some really good news is that you will never ever ever have to warm up when you come here because the starting knock is really far away from the building but uh yeah no worries we're gonna get out there and ride here in a second just gonna put my stuff on really quick and then gonna maybe do some POV laps and then maybe have Courtney come up there and fill me some and I'll film her too out here it's shark wake park finally we've been driving ages it's gonna get some of these obstacles away then I'm gonna cruise around hit them this cable part is absolutely huge like I really hope I don't fall all the way over here because wow we are ages away from the dock you're gonna hit this incline box right here still wheelies gonna come up to this C and B feature I'm just gonna try a safety all the way up to the top well 50/50 frontside 360 alright we'll line up with this weird kick you're lookin thing I'm just gonna do a little back three out of it and then maybe on this transfer box they have a kicker set up maybe just like a big ol front lip it's gonna wheelie up the up and then hops aboard slide back you're just gonna pop into this Tinker thing again I'm just gonna do a back 540 out and maybe like a switch 270 transfer from this bar kicker just gives me like a back 180 on to this bigger thing and then it's unwind off maybe a big old tow back through 70 transfer from the far kicker my same thing as before but I'm just gonna unwind a switch go back hurry up the kicker back one and then maybe I'll go for like a big old switch keel back through 70 transfer get a gap the whole a-frame real quick I got a switch go back tiny transfer on the see me back nine yellow and switch frenzy Stephanie out of this flat bar I may or may not do a front roll right here oh yeah we got that for sure I'm gonna try and get a little bit smaller this time so hopefully I can land on the rail I touched it but that was not the best rail here right there all right I'm just gonna really force myself to not edge so hard that was pretty good I might take that one for now let me go a frame box and back to the water first kick your hit of the day maybe a double cab roll we accidentally hooked a double drove out here just gonna grab that thing real quick and hook it onto my hand office I don't really want to deal with that big a hole nose grab elephant all right this handle is definitely kind of in the way so I'm just gonna hop off the shore I'm gonna go film Courtney all right what's up girl back to you seven out yeah that's it aha come on ah so Courtney went swimming but on the way back we found like 30,000 Turtles and she thinks she is some sort of turtle dundee hunter so uh yeah maybe she'll catch one for us you got him all right look how easy these guys are the catch he's right here I just got him like there's nothing oh okay let him swim away here we go we just finished up catching turtles and stuff Courtney's gonna go for one more set and then we're gonna be done for the day all right just finished up out there Courtney absolutely killed it make sure you guys go subscribe to her youtube channel I'll put it in the description below also make sure you guys check out shark wake park I just like to thank these guys for letting us come out here and ride the cable is absolutely amazing the tension is unlike anything I've ever seen before and these kickers can absolutely send you but yeah if you like this video make sure you guys give me a thumbs up comment below on what kind of videos you guys want to see and I'll see you all next time please you


  1. they make a good park, you gotta visit park 561 in west palm beach if you haven't already. Let me know if you do ill bring the drone out. cheers

  2. You ever heard of Wake Island wake park in Sacremento California, you should come to it some time its awesome.

  3. Great work as usual mate 👍🤙 you know she’s coming to get you 😜🇦🇺 i’m finally getting wishbone! 😁

  4. Yo cool vid man!
    Can you do some more in depth brakedowns of tricks, starting with the beginner (180's 360's) and progress from there?

  5. This kicker thingy is called transition curb =) You have to try to take the safty! I have seen guys doing doubles out of the little safty! Keep it on!

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