Wakeboarding basics: getting up and going

Wakeboarding basics: getting up and going

hey my name is Lily we're down at halo goo Motorsports learning how to wait for it for the first time today today we will be doing the basics like getting up and going 180s on the surface and surface Ollie's right getting up and going for a newbie wakeboarder who hasn't tried it before nice and simple we'll break it down for you a little bit so when you're in your board we're going to put you down in the water you're going to float up with your board up in front of you can relax let go the sides your upper body is going to float anyway give you the handle check it in between your feet it will slowly pull you up you want to roll on see your feet on top of the board stand up slowly and bring your handle around to your leading side and the cable will slowly pull you up keeping your arms straight in your knees nice and bent perfect

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  1. Nice video. I recommended this video to my cousin whos going to try wakeboarding for the first time on monday 13 apr. Thanks. 🙂

  2. Anyone could get up with the rope tied to an airplane like that. Try it from a boat with no wakeboard tower.

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