35 Replies to “Wakeboarding Crashes 2006”

  1. Dumping it, is always funny, unless you get stung, Yea face plants aren't fun but in 20 minutes you want to go again, kind of like eating Chinese Food 20 minutes you gotta get some more.
    Thanks for the real vids on wakeboarding.

  2. depends on speed, and how you fall, but mostly you get a headache when you fall with your front.. for like 10 – 30 minutes. also i heard you can get water in your ass πŸ˜› never happened to me haha.

  3. your kinda like in mid trick "why am i doing this" when you fall most the times you can just shrug it off, but the most common injuries are face plants which can knock your breath out or give you a headache, you can also pull muscles but normally the pain is if there not much compared to many other sports

  4. Ha ha… just came back from wakeboading 2 days ago and I had 2 very painful face plants… they give you big headaches

  5. haha i've also had many, blacked out several times, pierced my eardrum, and some concusions haha.. but i still love the sport!

  6. I can't wait till spring. My friends dad just bought a new super air nautique. We have been working with a 15' whaler and a 17' sea ray for wakeboarding and skatin, so this is gonna be an amazing year. Hope you have a good season too. πŸ™‚

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