Wakeboarding Crashes! Ouch!!! | MicBergsma

Wakeboarding Crashes! Ouch!!! | MicBergsma

42 Replies to “Wakeboarding Crashes! Ouch!!! | MicBergsma”

  1. The best crashes or when people try learning air tricks on a cable park. they look bad and feel even worse.

  2. You can knock your self out from the impact of the water, you can bust out all your teeth, concussions, wake boarding is sometimes pretty dangerous

  3. getting hurt is pretty common I've gotten a concussion and last week i sprained my ankle pretty bad. Cable park fall hurt much less imo

  4. I'm newly subscribed and addicted to your videos!!! Best crash comp I've ever watched. I love the style of all your vids, plus with all the internet experts telling you how should do something, its nice to WATCH someone just show you!!! You rock BRO!!!!

  5. its suppose to be intense like the crashes, it doesn't have to have much sense but mainly to point out the crazyness

  6. 1st, this song is awful
    2nd, if it is your sister in-laws brother, doesnt that make it simply your brother in-law? haha

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