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  1. I use to skate alot so I get it, but in wake boarding when I shift my weight to edge, the board sinks into the water and I often lose my balance whilst being pulled by the force of the boat and fall foward ๐Ÿ™

  2. With edging, is it like turning on a skateboard without pivoting, you put your weight over the left, you go left, if you put your weight over the right, you go right?! this is just me trying to understand it in terms i know haha! Sorry, i'm a newbie haha!

  3. es hat doch bestimmt Klampen links und rechts hinten oder? nimm die und knote es in der Mitte zusammen ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I have a riva Florida AMD all what it needs is a hole where you could put a stick in

    Sorry for Language fails i am german

  5. do u have to have a wakeboarding boat or can i just be a speed boat

  6. Thanks for the tips. Went wakeboarding with nobody who had any wakeboard experience, used your vids to both get up and turn, and it worked. Got up 2nd attempt. Was edging on my third run. Can't wait to go out again. Fun stuff!!!!

  7. @waterboiy87 for edgeing and wake jumping go normle speed, for surface 180 slow down a little until your comftorable

  8. @vid4me Yes. It's a little backwards, kinda. Like you know when you put more weight on your forward food to straighten the board out? It's just like that for wakeboarding when you get up, but you're instead going to lean on your back foot. But the turns are the same, mostly. As for more advanced stuff, I do not know.

  9. do you just have to sit back like your sitting in a chare or do you also have to move the wakeboard with your right foot or left foot forward to go the direction you want to go ??

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