Wakeboarding Equipment Basics

Wakeboarding Equipment Basics

hi I'm Billy Garcia owner and coach freeride wakeboard school today I'm gonna help you get started and we're gonna go over some of the wakeboard equipment okay let's go into some of the equipment you're gonna need to get you started in weight morning first off you're going to need a good weight board so go to your local shop and get a good way more like one of these the next thing is you want to make sure you get the right size board weight boards are measured in centimeters so if you're a large or taller person you want to get a weight board it's in a 137 to 142 centimeter range for a medium sized person or an average person 132 to 137 centimeters it's probably good and if you're a smaller person or a kid 132 centimeters and below the next thing you want to talk about is the boot it's got to be a snug tight fitting boot you don't want to loose blue cuz that's gonna cause injury so make sure your boot is properly fit in and it's nice and snug also on the backside of the board it has fins some weight boards come with molded fins and also a removable center fin that's all by preference so I may try them both out move the center pin off and on and see if you like the fin with or without it the next thing you're going to need is a Coast guard-approved vest make sure it's close got a proof so it floats you properly you're not struggling in the water last thing we're talking about is the line in the handle you want to get a weight more specific line and handle like this it's gonna be a little bit thinner but it's non-stretch so don't use your dad's old slalom ski rope make sure you get a good weight board line okay next I'm going to show you how to get up on a wakeboard

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  1. Man i have a 25 feet boston wahler with 175 twin suzukis and a 14 feet 20hp suzuki, waht is better for starting to learn, im 16 avergage size but pretty strong.

  2. when i went wake boarding for the first time i was on a board to big for me and boots that were also to big for me but i did pretty ok with that

  3. You shuold get a impact vest its fits good and on wake u fall in on high speeds so i protects you from passing out and its floats pretty good

  4. you cant do it without out one but it will be way easier with a wakeboard rope. its kind of like boarding with the wrong size board, you can do it, but its not as easy

  5. 1:53 wow what a coinsadence. my dad and i do this thing witha couple of guys that he works with where we go friday mornings down to the lake and they slolemn skii and i wakeboard.we never switch out the rope andi usualyy do bad and cant get upp and stay up 4 a while. but later in the afternoon we go down again and i do a lot better. now i know why

  6. @kwaky2005 its not u its the boat driver.. i had the same problem….tell the boat driver to start off slow and reag u threw the water a little then go a little more fast until u get up ontop of the water. the go fast… if u just gun the boat when ur trying to get up u are just going to plaw water

  7. 260 lbs guy how hard is it going to be for me to get up? I tried once for an hour and now that I watched your video's I was trying to muscle the boat back so all I did was plow water. I think I need to let the boat pull me over. Do I NEED a huge board?

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