33 Replies to “Wakeboarding Fountain – University of Maryland – ESPN Sports Nation”

  1. Hahaha oh man, good times. I was the first person to winch that fountain. I did it back in 2007. Glad to see others are following in my footsteps! I did it on a wakeskate back then.

  2. THIS IS SO COOL! I have passed that fountain, dozens of times (I don't go to UMD, just live in the area) I've swam in that fountain on Maryland day (as a kid of course) and passed the Mall area tons. It's so cool seeing something like this done somewhere so close to home.

  3. I believe it was vince's. Yeah it is so fun! We're down to film it again but we need to step it up a notch. It's not a frat thing, it's a JoyRiders.TV thing.

  4. I could be talked into it………… I live in Colorado now, but I still got a friend who's a sorority girl at UMD.. so yeah, why not. 🙂 you got a winch?

  5. haha that is awesome! Let's make a sequel! You down to throw down on the fountain again?

  6. What's funny about this video, is I was the one who popped that fountain's cherry. I winched that back in 2007 on my wakeskate, and my buddy Cori was there too. It was filmed by the owners of DCWake. We rode for half an hour one night, and had a blast. I got a pic of me throwing a dirty 3-shuv off the second waterfall.

    Glad someone else is hitting it too!! Next time hit it on a skate and throw some shuvs or kick flips over the waterfalls.

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