Wakeboarding In Singapore

Wakeboarding In Singapore

behind coke lads lassies welcome back to the YouTube and today welcome to Singapore so basically I flew in here last night got a lovely warm welcoming in the airport went back got a nice sleep and this morning we have arrived we're here with the board shop in Singapore which is kind of the O'Brien distributor here in Asia and basically we're going to do a bit of coaching we're gonna get a lot of people out right in having a good time and then I don't really know what the rest of the next few days have them story but I do know it's going to be fun [Applause] [Applause] alright so we just wrapped up the day right there there's the most stunning sunset 4xt impressions of Singapore is there's a lot of people who like way boarding there very cool people the conditions are nice everything here it's just it's pretty spot-on to be honest and so yeah it was a lot of fun a lot of people who learnt a lot of tricks I think we must be coached nearly 30 people which was pretty cool and then I got few rides in myself so all in all I'm gonna give this day good ten okay that was the language now I can't speak I can't speak Gaelic on day two we got a little bit of sleep in and then we went back out in the water did a little bit more coaching try to get everyone just got a little bit extra and try and give as much kind of knowledge as we could just wait a second long do behind your back until you get it it's literally an inch away from here that is honestly incredible progress though and that's hard you've got this whoa so uh what did you guys work on today oh I'll go so the boys are working and Michael was working on 360 so close like from nearly 24 hours ago never even trying it to get in the handle coming around and just either spinning off axis or missing the handle so if you put the two together it's going to happen and then Andre was trying Mexican buckles and safe to say if he had a hard fresh energy you would have been so close I reached her point when I landed on my board and from that point onwards you know it start to become much more easy much more safe and you feel more comfortable ya know safety was good it's like breaking down the tricks dialing it back a little bit focus on each step of the trick and so you actually you know get the right pop in there the right rotation and completely try it out and smell it break it down into small bits rather than just a title in the hole there what's called a cutback Tokyo all right so next up on our crazy packed adventure in Singapore is to actually leave Singapore and get a 45-minute ferry to bottom which is in the Indonesia I believe I don't really know I'm not really sure but in fact no it definitely is otherwise of that and we're down there there's a wake park right there it's not very far to 45 minutes which I hold my travel three hours together the cable so this is just a short little short little journey and then we'll be on the cable day three was this morning we welcome super early I'm not gonna lie it was tough to get going and we got a ferry to Indonesia nearly 45 minutes and you're in a whole different country the dynamic the scenery everything is a complete job to position look at me with the fancy word but now it's completely opposite of sample and it's so beautiful in its own essence and we came too far tom is the area this is baton way park right now we're the unbelievable day just riding the cable I'm not gonna lie I've wait for 13 days in a row now I definitely my body is suffering but it was incredible to go ride I even tried a tow back nine or basically a switch he'll turn I don't know what you want to call it a pre-spawn loads well yeah so it was incredible the whole trip has been amazing I'm literally about to go get a ferry back to Singapore it then go straight to the airport fly home to Ireland well yeah I thought I would share this kind of cool story because I think we've got some nice footage and a really good time that's it for this video thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed cut a little bit of a story time very different among all the video but I want to share my experience have a good one we'll see you in the next video

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  1. Can I do a interview/podcast wirh you we can doo like a call or somthing for a youtube video I would realy like it if you want we can continue talking on facebook

  2. Been watching a lot of your backlog of uploads. Love the content man! I'm sure you get offered this all the time but if you're ever in South East Michigan I'd love to ride with you and share a few pints on me.

  3. Wicked Vid! Day 1, the chick that did the hs bs 180, that was sick! Looking fit n solid Dave, keep the vids rolling!

  4. Hey David it's Finn the tall teen from singapore (the healthy one). I really enjoyed having you around and riding with you. Your welcome here anytime mate!

  5. hey dave!! sick video i’ve been anticipating it all day, also if you want my cousin is a jr pro wakeboarder i have a link to his part it’s a big edit so if you want to want to watch the whole thing that’s cool, but i just wanted you to see his boarding

  6. Superb sport and scenery… Great to see enthusiastic wakeboarders learning, along with your own cool shreds and sets. Terrific soundtrack too dude.

  7. Nice video David. Singapore sounds like a cool place. I think I might try to go wake boarding this weekend if the weather is good. Do you have any exciting trips coming up? Hope all is well with you

  8. awesome to see you back on the boat again ! Great seeing you share your knowledge of wakeboarding to all skill levels. I wish I had that chance

  9. Hope you guys enjoy the video.
    Also, sorry the day1 keeps flashing up on the screen. It appears to be a glitch on YouTube itself. I have triple checked in the editing software and re uploaded the video but it hasn’t fixed it.
    Other than that hope you enjoy the Video 😊🤘🏻

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