24 Replies to “Wakeboarding in Vegas pool w/ 50 foot rail!”

  1. @SoccerMawm
    hahaha you have no idea what youre talking about its so cute(: what about this video makes it fake and gay

  2. @haydenstreater

    Oh she works for you? What's the company name then? Punk bitch…not even gonna reply to your dumbass…

  3. @haydenstreater

    You're dumb.

    I'm 16 and have been riding since I was 6 or 7, and my parents are far from rich, not gonna go telling you my wealth because it's none of your business, but just because you're bad at riding doesn't mean you have to bash on those who can.

  4. theres 3 things about that/
    1 in case you get knocked out you float
    2 it says redbull on it for advertising
    3 its used as an impact west so you dont break a rib when you hit concrete

    i used to think the same thing

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