38 Replies to “Wakeboarding on a Jetski – What is possible?”

  1. I try a backflip but in jetski is so hard.
    I have a movies in Instagran.
    I learned a lot from your videos.
    Thank you

  2. David, I know this video is kinda old by now, but i hope you get some time to answer me…
    In this video when you are about to hit the wake i think that i can see you kinda kicking the wake with your front foot on almost all tricks… is this a key factor to get more air on Small wakes? Actually iโ€™m wakeboarding behind a jetski, since i canโ€™t afford a boat… thanks for your attention Lad! Keep Up the great Vlogs and How toโ€™s … Cheers

  3. I use my jet ski to wakeboard here in Hawaii and quite a bit of my friends who did or do wakeboard behind a ski all say tantrums and 360s are all impossible on our small wake. I watch this and it proves them all wrong. This is a crazy inspirational video of what can be done. I must have watched this a hundred times and once before every wake session I do. Just wanted to get your thoughts on optimizing my wakeboarding experience behind the ski. What speed should I be going, length of rope and any additional tips to help me get bigger air and land my first tantrum?

  4. David, enjoying your videos. The jet ski and one wake videos were particularly interesting. I have a challenge for you. I started wakeboarding in 1994, trained at The Wakeboard Camp, etc. I'm 35 now and don't get to wakeboard nearly as much as I would like (especially living in Minnesota). I'm proud I can still hit backrolls, toeside rolls, and tantrums. But, so many of the wakeboarders from the 90s have blown out knees. At least early in the season, I don't like to charge the wake for sake of injury. I slow the boat down to 19.5 or so for inverts, then start bringing up speed as I feel comfortable. My challenge is this: How slow can you go? What's possible at low impact speeds?

  5. Damn man. I hate to face the reality that a bigger wake is not going to improve my riding. Technique will.

  6. David, were you riding a 3 stage board during this? im looking at getting a continious rocker with a 2.85in rocker height. its the new cwb faction. i have a skiboat that kicks up a small wake. would you say i would need a 3 stage to get alot more height? or can i still throw stuff down with a continuous rocker board?

  7. thank you for showing me this because all other videos were not succesful flips but this had them so now i beleive i can flip on my wakeboard using a jetski.

  8. Nice man! Keep posting more videos like this ones, you can't find many tutorials about wakeboarding with jet ski, for some of us, it's the only initial option! (;

  9. Awesome stuff very impressive, I'm riding an 09 x star and finding when I cut in a bit mellower to keep line tension low for spins I'm struggling to get across been working on f's and bs 3s for a while now, still no luck. Thinking of going for a t's bs 180 instead, thought this might be one for your how to since you just smashed a 900 you probably know a bit about it ๐Ÿ˜€

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