Wakeboarding: The Elusive 360

Wakeboarding: The Elusive 360

wakeboarding isn't an easy sport to find you need a lake a special kind of boat and it helps if the waters flat like it usually is on a calm summer morning once you guys go on a trip Clarion will check you guys out then Christensen is a top pro wakeboarder on Arizona's as dream team the camp starts off with been showing everyone just how good he can get Oh Patrick handle placement which keys Johnny you're landing stable in the air stable everything I got you vest in here I'm stable now you're like usually having a little bigger wake right yeah before just like I can see like an emerge no no but I do that even on big way yeah it's all about about explosion standing at the top of the week you cut in I sit back on snow the reason I'm not sitting so much because I'm sitting on my heel edge keep that consistent edge all the way through the wake then I'm exploding right at the top the way to hit the populace Ted all right when I extend I keep it in close on either grabs or spins read everything so when I'm in the air I'm stable in there then I'm stable so first camper up is Sam Coles a 20-something grad student who's a beginner to intermediate levels wakeboarder he's going for a 360 degree spin a bit of a reach for someone it is skilled up go pull your hip look over your left shoulder throw that lead arm around and keep it close because right now the – what seizes what you look like you're coming around and you throwing that lead arm like this and the ropes clear out here yeah you got the pop you got everything but remember gotta keep a handle in close you guys drill that we usually do to get the feel for handle passes we're going to be we'll pull you up we're going to go like 17 miles per hour really slow and I want you stay directly behind the boat and I want you to just do surface 180 hold your right hip hold your left hip Sam learned a lot he's a long way from landing a thread those are so fun like I said when Burt Miller is a more skilled wake rider he has grabs and 180 spins his repertoire he hasn't landed the 360 yet Dennis yeah hey I'm like that hey you're getting closer it's awesome but key type hold in same leaves good I'll eat arm around it was awesome but now reach for the handle don't let go of this hand until you grab it look here's what's 200 percent commitment now value to the point just got a hold on you can grab it a little bit ways but you're doing everything right killing it he'll Mike Bayonne is seriously talented athlete and an expert wakeboarder who can do spins grabs and inverts his goal at camp that difficult toeside backroll go up the wake and keep a buddy hit the whole time and they'll do the flip for you nice problem he was weak and offline when he cut the wake toeside first this made him come up short on his jumps before he can do a back row he has to be making a big jumps with consistency go the other hand keep it by your hip the whole time tip up and land pudding towards the shore okay yeah every time you letting go with this right hand you're open it up it's kind of getting crooked we're right after this we're gonna start pushing your toeside backroll right so you start grabbing the board now and everything got to Houston like any good coach but he sees a talented athlete been challenges Mike to push himself lean so look yeah it is great asleep so now I'm pushing you you cannot do a hillside jump unless you grab it every time you jump the wake you got to grab that board he'll side toeside heelside tongue side coming all the way through the web pulling by your hips to the whole plate full-time and they call it a cooling puppet keep it right here and you'll land right where you need to one point I got a link over the handle all right nope nope never never you just keep it closed right that's all right no sigh roller Reaver no yes hold on you hold on to the handle keep it by your left hip the whole time but you know letting up off your edge the key to the trick is always staying on your edge your toe edge yes the happy campers had two days in the lake to work on their tricks you

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  1. Being a pro is more than just being good at the sport. A pro has decided the sport is what they want to do with their life. They compete, teach, do videos, demo and sell product etc. for as long as they can get away with it.

  2. Is anyone else afraid everytime he falls that the handle will get caught on either him or the board?

  3. @haole2u2 There are two public marinas on the lake, not sure exactly where they are or what it costs. Have fun.

  4. yo yo yo. i was wondering if any mahopac locals could tell me if anyone is allowed to bring their boat on the lake. holler.

  5. @btenn714 Far as I know, it was a one-time camp. I'll forward your comment to Mike, but he's a dad now so he may not have the time to do it again.

  6. @579aggresive i don't remember exactly. they kept shortening the rope as they got more attuned to the boat and conditions. i think they were going between 17 and 22 mph, but i may have that wrong.

  7. @flowbro23 Me personally, nooo. I just make the videos. The camp was a one time thing, next time I talk to them I'll ask if they can use one. Wish there was more wakeboarding around my way, I'd like to do another vid. Subscribe if you like our stuff, it all helps. Thx.

  8. @ineedajob555 It was a hoot, even at 7:30 in the morning. Sub the channel if you like, I'd appreciate it.

  9. for people who are trying to land this trick do it only 1 wake really small then go bigger it is safer and you don't feel as if you will faceplant. once you get more confidence go bigger

  10. Hey, Im 18 and we have a place on Raquette Lake, NY. we have a boat but no tower, i can currently land a 360, 180's and grabs, my goal is a tantrum by next summer, almost had it last summer but not gettin enough height without the tower. How much do you charge for the camp and how do you sign up? I seriously need a tower and coaching. Hope to hear back. Thanks

  11. @hampsted42 I try to avoid using trick names that are non-descriptive. Especially in a video like this where pros are teaching tricks, the name is less important than the technique. It's funny that nobody on the boat or who looked at the video mentioned that it's called it a tantrum. Now that I know, I'll use it next time. Thanks.

  12. awesome! some mad wakeboarding skills – inspired me and my brother to push ourselves more!… and 0:52 = kevin mcloud and hugh grant:)

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