Wakeboarding & tubing bloopers

Wakeboarding & tubing bloopers

Oh goodbye my guitar no Aaron you can have my fishing pole and that's pretty much the only valuable things that I have so hold it out there you go hang on tight okay yeah her brain tickle hurts five sir what that is yeah what the heck Oh Oh yeah that's a bit uh nice Oh all right so like in my shot this is the chips boy my head was under my feet and I was going to be great how it fell off in this one I get off oh but we still have the glasses

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  1. this person driving the boat obviously doesnt know how fast your suppose to go starting out. he or she is going way to damn slow

  2. You are going to slow wake boarding isn't as hard as they are making it look they are all trying to stand up underwater like wait for the boat to pull you up !

  3. whoever is driving the boat doesn't really know how to properly pull people… You need to get way more speed once the person gets up on the board so that the rope can straighten out and provide for stability. It seems to me like every time someone fell it was because they lost speed from the boat and the rope gave in… just saying…

  4. Need more speed on the take off captain , and then u slow down to 22-25 knots whatever they are comfortable at .. Either you pulling to slowly or that rope is too long ..
    Trust me it matters

  5. yes you are definitely going to want to go faster when i wake board it is 18 to 20 mph is how fast i go when you go slow it is going to make them tired a lot faster. great vid though

  6. Just a tip πŸ™‚ If you're learning to wakeboard, buy a board with bigger fins πŸ˜‰ It's easier to keep it straight πŸ™‚

  7. Haha great video guys! I have to admire the never-give-up attitude learning to wakeboard! 10plus attempts!!!!!
    Oh and by the way, great tube crash!

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