100 Replies to “Wall Street CEOs pull out of China trade meeting over disputes: Gasparino”

  1. We should not be trading with a non-consensual government. The moral consideration far outweighs the monetary/business benefits side of the scale. We need to do a U-turn.

  2. Watch the bad-mouthing of Trump. His simple and genuine promise-keeping are a blessing to those most deserving among us as Americans. He is anointed with special privileges for a certain period of time. The hard truth and steel of it is this: we'd gladly saddle up the pick up trucks and hunting gear and drive straight to Washington to enforce his will if it were called for. Regard him with the same seriousness that you would a military veteran who has lost limbs or a preacher whose tireless work for the most needy among the homeless goes uncredited. God bless Trump!

  3. Most Americans can form sustainable societies and militias without need for corporations or governments. We can also effectively eliminate any threats against us. That’s the worse case scenario. Inner cities and liberal leftist city dwellers are the only sector who would not survive the very demise they are working so hard to initiate. Fact!

  4. what intellectual properties on earth did china steal from the US? If it turns out to be military secret technologies, that is quite reciprocal because CIA must be doing the same thing. If it relates to business why don't the related US companies sue the perpetrators of China? Even the US court could possibly handle these cases. or Why not the two countries establish a legal framework to deal with these complaints?

  5. Don't forget American technology companies are willing to help China repress their people. Oh wait they are willing to censor one political persuasion in America. Companies are worried about intellectual property and couldn't give a crap about American workers!

  6. i love seein you guys in these feeds. i go over to the left’s feeds now & then & the unreality there is fuckin surreal.

  7. No, no, no, this guy is wrong . It’s not about China is bad in human right, bad actor. It’s about our future, if we keep let them stealing our technology, jobs, trade . Longer term we are doomed, short term , we may gain some trade deals. We are lucky Trump administration is looking long term.

  8. China attempting to get around trade talksby secretly meeting with wall street and bankers. COMMUNISTS MEETING DEMOCRAT SOCIALISTS TO TEAR AMERICA DOWN ! SEDITION !

  9. 4:05 lol🤣😂 criticizing Muslim persecution by other country on fox channel is criticizing Jewish persecution by other country infront of nazis

  10. China wants to remove the Petro Dollar as the world currency, and replace the World Bank with the BRICS associations. Undermining China's economy, and the other emerging markets helps prevent that from happening. Since Wall Street is basically an extension of the IMF and World Bank, they're not going to help China.

  11. Yeah give your intellctual trade secret so china can copy it . Yes you can earn a lot right now but in the future it will be a different story. When the chinese can produce the same quality as in the u.s then china wins.

  12. US corporations kill me, they can Lobby for China, but ignore the millions of Americans forced out of their homes by their abusive practices.

    Break them up!!!

  13. A liar president say someone is bad actor, do you believe it. Fox always fabricate fake news and defend criminal. This Irish is suck

  14. At best China could cause our economy trump improved away back to what it was under Obama.
    China cant do anything cause tariffs hurt there economy not americas.
    So they resulted to unconventional delays by making it take a long time for new business to get the red tape done in the
    Immagration naturlozation import export agency's.

  15. i really dont get it? all this mtf morons yankee, all they do is talk talk talk…analyze this analyze that! r u going to talk china to death? just do it……n wait for china responses, otherwise shut ur mtf shitty mouth.

  16. the only unfair thing with China is what has been going on for decades of plunder of USA.. and if Apple cost more GOOD they take our purchase dollars and do not provide jobs to pay for it so to bad … fair trade is no robbery but unfair trade is robbery

  17. I don't mind Some sharing but they want it all , the entire GUTS of the usa .
    In 1976 I had the flu
    under heavy covers I see the news , ( frank Reynolds ) , and CHINA here at our steel mills in pitt WITH 30 Rolls of 35 mm film To copy all they see .
    after a decade They own control and marketing OF it ( they stole it ) .
    And Will Steal the USA too if you let them ! history folks . and this Idiot above does not remember !

  18. Are people aware that China has been given the pill 💊 making rights, they make all or almost all the ingredients for most of if not all of the World's medications ~ in reality they're not an ally ~
    They could poison everyone ~ they are a national security risk…
    They should NOT be allowed to have that power ~ what are these corrupt deciders thinking 💭 ❓
    Clearly they're NOT thinking 💭


    202-224-5225.United States Senate Committee on the Judicial Ballotpedia

    GNN THY WILL BE DONE+++++Smartmatic, a U.K.-based voting technology company with deep ties to George Soros, has provided voting technology in 16 states including battleground zones like Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Other jurisdictions affected are California, District of Columbia, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin. Its website includes a flow-chart that describes how the company has contributed to elections in the U.S. from 2006-2015 with “57,000 voting and counting machines deployed” and “35 million voters assisted.” After this report’s publication, Smartmatic updated its website to remove the flow chart and declare that “Smartmatic will not be deploying its technology in any U.S. county for the upcoming 2016 U.S. Presidential elections.”

  20. GNN THY WILL BE DONE++++CORTANA VIEWING "Images of china is connected with soros and deep state gloves" This is why trump is breaking away from China
    bing.com/images go viral we love you President Trump and we got your back//

  21. One thing to keep in mind: intellectual property is property, you can put a price tag on it. You don’t have to sell your property if the price is not right. And buying is not stealing. Why won’t China allow unlimited access to its domestic market by US companies? Well why does US ban Huawei in the US? How about free access?

  22. Both Japan and South Korea are at present building up trade links with Russia and China. China has just had a record trade surplus with the US, with US exports to China dropping but the US still imports from China. US trade war is helping the Chinese economy as it buys from different sources. The US looks increasingly less significant. US Companies (including Walmart) that wanted access to the Chinese Market now find that their applications are not being processed because of the US Trade War. I could not help but chuckle when I heard him say that there is US concern about the Muslims within China!! The US has killed 7 million Muslims since 9/11 — that is a very significant denial of human rights. Wall Street has warm concern for someone, anyone….!?!

  23. GNN THY WILL BE DONE++++We must out manuver this fink…lets put a plan togeher..we are one billion supporters of this country and president
    trump now so lets put on our thinking caps and get to work there is going to be a
    walkaway rally in DC the last week of Oct meeting can be gathered…lets ta;l get bus tickets in your area. and go viral here is the wbsite
    GNN THY WILL BE DONE++++youtube search "#WalkAway March' on Washington – October 26-28th

  24. 3:35 The US sells a lot of stuff in China ??? What part of HUGE trade deficit does this fool not understand? This is like a boxer with a cracked skull bragging he gave his opponent a nose bleed…

  25. Whoa!!! Gasparino let the cat out of the bag w/o even realizing it: Wall Street lobbies the US Government on behalf of China…hence 30 years if failed politicians selling out the US economy, manufacturing, and workers to the benefit of China. Trump wants to stop all that, and the swamp is going berserk!

  26. Gasparino thinks the President's trade agenda is INSANE! You are a punk and nearly in the traitor category with so many others who sat on their butts doing nothing as we nearly entered WW3 and sold 1/2 the country to the Chinese Communists. Fox needs to make some decisions on whether or not they want conservative support or want to be an open part of the seditious fake-left media. sm

  27. China is the world's biggest fraud. It's a sinking ship. It desperately wants America to throw it a life preserver. Instead President Trump is and should be throwing them an anchor.

    Is China really such a huge market? NO! Of 1.4 billion people about a billion of them live on ten dollars a day or less. Many of them much less. That makes them a smaller market than the EU. They are not innovators, they are thieves and copycats. They throw most of their money away on useless things like ghost cities and loans to poor countries who can't borrow elsewhere because the could never pay a sizeable loan back. If you manufacture in China start packing up and prepare to move. Foreign owned business not welcomed. Just like Russia, only a temporary necessary evil to them.

  28. China is evil?. Just look around the world, how many Countries USA shit (destroy) and how may China did. The shame of you hypocrite bastard.

  29. Trump is elected cause US is in rags. Trump is acting like hooligan and harming the US status in the world..Though brought back some money indeed..but that is exactly all what some people need !!

  30. China is the largest US debts holder and will blow US economy up if she ever want. The game is far from over. You all will be in real rags before China surrender.

  31. Can you guys just shut up and produce some cheap screws instead of shouting keep the screws on China? Or should trump tax more on the screws?!

  32. There's no stealing. For access to a market three times as big as the U.S. soon and low tax, low labor cost for U.S. companies and patent laws allowing duplication often in three years fair exchange ain't no robbery. All white noise. Products ain't [email protected]# if you ain't got no one to sell em too. China has the blue print for simply doing business but more important combantanting pass slavery, colonalism and outright systemic racism going on for over 400 uears in which europeans and the west have stolen from just about non-white culture, in many cases even the peoples idenity.

  33. A forum to a understanding of a trade operational and a effect till a non tariff as negative to a trade of the country a sector for growth as the GDP or a downward sector as the GDP.

  34. These Wall Street banksters were the engineers of the Global Financial Crisis. I am surprised China has not evicted them all yet.

  35. It is american company make product and sell to us, they are doing business,
    China only get cheaper labor fee, why american company do these? Because they make money, if you not happy, tell american company where to go, which country to go and can make money, that is very simple, and it is a question

  36. What!! China is evil because of some fake news about some uigher terrorists and US is good samaritan because war mongering US destroy afghanistan, Iraq, libya, syria and what nots.. What a self serving scum!

  37. China the bad actors the evils, corporate America are too late to find out the truth nature of china they are dealing with and so got into this dilemma

  38. Any sane man doesn't put up with being haggled by guys (government) that aren't even in the business. Hence sending persons to meetings that can't sign the business away. NY has been trying to build a China market noticeably since Nixon. Trump if anything is to maximize China profits. If not Trump is toast business wise and he knows it.

  39. Stop the fucking bitching,if china is so evil stealing from us, just stop buying from them and cut off all trade. No more taking advantage of their slave labor and they can no more steal our technologyProblem solved. Fuck this tariffs bullshit

  40. These Wall Street folks and their corporate overlords are the real bad actors. China is a scapegoat. China has cheap labor, and so these US companies are exploiting it for their gain. Trump sees this and wants to mitigate it as much as possible.

  41. The state IP of China received 1 3 million patent application in 2016 more than combined total for US patent 605k, Japan 318k, Korean 209k and EU 159K.

  42. Ever wonder why WTO never put any sanction on China even China 'stole' technology from the west? It's because China didn't steal it, China bought it. Volvo is now owned by a Chinese company, the same company is now the largest single shareholder of Mercedez.

  43. When the sore loser can't compete in trade with China, only thing stupid Trump and idiot Americans do is moan and groan all day long…

  44. Pride is US worst enemy not China. All empires fall and Amerca will be no different if it doesn't change its bad attitude. From the comments, no wonder Donut Trump get elected as US President.

  45. Reality is that western has been stealing (accurately say they have been rubbering) other country's lunches since long. Chinese rising means there would be the end of western robbery in the world

  46. Those two aren't going bc they have deep DEEP ties in the US government. AKA it's not in their best interest to APPEAR there not that they don't necessarily support it. Plus there is NO need to go since whatever they want they already can easily get considering how many former employees are now in government OR how many current politicians will miraculously end up getting super overpaid to become their lobbyists after leaving office. Thus they literally turn from ex employee, to politicians, to lobbyists for their old employers. Ahh the cycle of life! They've spent considerable time insuring they have ppl in place throughout Washington from white house employees that blend it to politician's secretaries. They have quite the intelligence network up and running on BOTH sides of the isle!

  47. China is such a bad actor that they counterfeit eggs! You heard me EGGS! They use Styrofoam and plastic. Of course the worst stuff they create is counterfeit drugs for Africa which is a 500-750 billion dollar industry. These drugs are sold on the street and most of them don't contain ANY active ingredient at all. But they are SOOO good at counterfeiting they literally have to test it at the molecular level most of the time to find out. Which of course doesn't happen much in Africa. In the beginning they weren't that good at it so the drugs were ONLY sold in the streets, but now they are SO good at it that they are being found in pharmacies as well. The sad truth is that they also make counterfeits that contain the actual drug, just for the rest of the world NOT there. This is the SAME problem the US has with China. By not being very aware of quality of work, they continue to give us the crappiest products bc we'll TAKE THEM, while Europe won't. However that doesn't mean they don't trade with Europe. They just give them better quality products and not for much more money btw.

  48. You know companies would not have moved to China if it wasn’t for every day shoppers. We all wanted to pay less for our cloths, toys, electronics, etc and since we didn’t want to work for less then they had to get stuff made for less. Greed comes into it too.

    I’ve read a lot of posts here and other spots and have noticed one thing. Republicans talk like Trump. They make no sense, don’t listen to facts and resort to calling people names like a five year old.

    It would be nice to have a factual conversation starting with why his supporters think he is the best president ever.

  49. president Trump said many times that he is in no rush to make a trade deal with China. he is taking his own sweet time. China abused the USA for many years.

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