Wally Green Table Tennis Documentary

Wally Green Table Tennis Documentary

haha whoa he was like come on I got something for you bring it bring it now I see you don't miss those kind of catch those cats have fought a lot of wars in the street man and those cats don't play hi my name is Wallach green I'm a newly college graduate graphic design and international professional table tennis player okay it's kind of like this yeah there are not many table tennis like players like me you know first of all black I'm from the project's live in the hood but this point is the fast one is my sport in the world so what happens is when you first stop playing you can't get the ball into then we stuck in the wall so rally till there's a lot to do that and then when a guy Rick's before bringing back like oh wow and that's cool and what happens is to become really addictive kind of what the girlfriends my friend listen white is true TJ is a rabbit is have done it you say I'm not playing table tennis for the whole week you know and walk by and you're right Molly Molly my plate hey then why was it I'm not playing table tennis tell your girlfriend I'm not playing this week I'm not playing this when you start feeling the racket and then you start doing this then get a boy you start bouncing on it right honey I'm going to table tennis up I want to be a famous rapper in Japan and only become the most popular tivities he's the man beside his killer great he's alive hey guys know sup man everybody gathered to go toe-to-toe like what's up wit you with that dive right below I put a lot of sports I want college closed closed a restful team was it fun that goes in it becomes good idea in table tennis player because it's fun how many people are leading such horrible boring lives and you know so you can tell when when you see I'm an exciting fun player to watch even if I lose it doesn't matter he's always upbeat seems to me you know he always cares a lot I carries on you know it wants to be better than he is table tennis move back to bug my back to gangsta mode the back into my gig with the tooth hand back to holla

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  1. that's so true man it's the most addictive game in the world hehhe i stopped for two years to open my multimedia production house.. then i saw my old tt equipment and just couldn't help myself hehe

  2. Wally! I just stumbled on your video! It's great to catch up with what you've been doing. Nice video.

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