Want a Foil Quill? Have a Foil Quill? Watch This! How to foil Leather & more! Options are Endless!

Want a Foil Quill? Have a Foil Quill? Watch This! How to foil Leather & more! Options are Endless!

hi everyone welcome to Hedgehog Hollow
and welcome to our second video using the foil quelle so we do have a couple
of other videos already on the channel so go and check those out too we did our
first video which was all about getting started with the we r memory keepers
foil quilt so if you haven’t seen it already it comes in three different tips
as a fine tip a regular tip which we’re using today and there’s a bold tip so we
are memory keepers simply the fine tip which is what we used in video number
one you can check that out in the top right hand corner and I showed you how
to use it in the cricket how to use it in the scan and cut it also works in the
silhouette cameos it works in any of the Cricut machines or what’s just kind of
cut and it works in the Sizzix Eclipse and we kind of did a getting started
using it on cardstock making your first for your whole project all those kinds
of things you can check that and then the other day I did a live video about
working with your foil quill we did some kind of Q&A sessions and we foiled the
Hedgehog color logo which was great fun so you can check that out also in the
top right hand corner now if you’re not familiar with electronic cutting
machines or you’ve been on the fence maybe you’re thinking well do I buy a
Cricut do I buy a silhouette cameo do I buy a scanning cut now I didn’t review
if this is X Eclipse because it’s not machine I’m particular for particularly
familiar with it’s not really one of kind of the mainstream machines but I do
like that we are memory keepers thought of including people who have one um I
did a comparison video of which one to buy now my opinion is the silhouette
cameo 3 was not a great machine I loved my two I had one for a long time
when upgraded to the 3 I actually had it for a few weeks and I gave it away for
me it’s between the scaling car or the Cricut maker if you’re looking to invest
and I did a video comparing and my reasons for not buying a cameo 3 and
again you can check that out in the top right hand corner of which I like try to
castle machine to buy and I’ll link all the different machines again in the
video description for this video you can find some links down there who but today
we’re gonna be boiling on leather so it’s kind of a bit more of an advanced
Oilwell video but I’ve got everything set up here ready to go and they’ll show
you some top tips for working with the foil quail and some other things I’ve
learnt along the way so here I have my cricket mat I’m using the fabric grip
map mat with my leather you can kind of use whichever one you like but I find
the fabric grip mat works nicely this is the genuine leather in Cranberry and I
had some scraps leftover which is what I’m using up here so I already have my
piece ready to go one of them already taped down with my foil on top here and
then I have another scrap and we’re going to take down our foil over here so
I’m going to grab a piece of the foil I already have the tape that you can get
from we are memory keepers you can use any masking tape or washi tape this is
the tape that they sell again all the links will be in your video description
you want the oil to be a little bit taut one thing I’ve learnt with the leather
is you don’t want it to be too taut and you also I found if I use the fine tip
it didn’t work as well as using the standard or the bold tip only on the
leather if you work on paper or anything else fine but the leather seems to
prefer the standard or bold tips so when I put it down I put one piece of tape
down and then I pull it slightly on the other side and then I put another piece
of tape down and then when I put my second piece down I do it slowly an
angle so I grab my tape like this and then I kind of just pulled just a little
bit just to give me a little bit of tautness and what you want to make sure
is your foil quill area is within the untaped area if you do your foil quilt
over the tape you’re not going to foil the heat cannot get through the tape so
you want to make sure it’s just on the foil and you want the color piece of the
foil to be the right way up so I’m just going to unlock my iPad here and get
going in my cricut app so I have set up and you can see this on your screen and
I’ve set up two earrings we’ve been making these leather earrings so I’m
going to hit the make it button and I’m going to replace what was on my mat so
you can see that there now this is something I love about the Cricut
feature is I’m gonna use that snap mat so what that means
is I can now stand up and I am little so I want to make sure I go up high enough
in a second you’ll see it snap into position you saw there on my screen one
thing you do want to make sure is that your hang tag is at the top here so
that’s where you line that up so now what I can do is I can use that and I
can then touch my earrings and you can see here how I’m dragging them in to
this error so I think I can fit them both on one scrap which would be really
nice so you can see there how I can move them around and work out what works best
so we’re going to hit that continue button and we’ll connect to a nearby
device my Cricut is on so it will find it there we go and now I can pop it in
at this nice and group something else I really like is the fact it fits in this
groove here and so it will connect up for us everything with the Cricut make
it is Wireless now if you use an iPad or a tablet you do lose a couple of a
couple of things in the app but nothing I’ve ever found to be a major issue you
can use computers and all those kinds of things but overall I love working with
the iPad app I find it so easy to use and I love the fact that it I can use it
in classes on the go and things I’m telling it that I’m using leather now
the reason it will also tell you is if you’re using leather these little star
pieces over here are usually all the way along your rollers but when you’re using
leather you’re going to push them to one side because otherwise you end up with
those little grooves all over your leather and you don’t want that because
it’s a soft material so this is your foil quilt and I’ve preheated my it
takes about five minutes to heat up and I have my C adaptor my c4 Cricut when
you get your quilt you get four adaptors you have your a which I think is the
silhouette b4 brother C for Cricut and D is your silhouette and they just screw
on there really easy to change out and then the light means that it’s on and I
have mine plugged into an external battery port
I like doing it this way because I can put my cable wherever I want it and this
one is great has a really high capacity and of course it’s pink pretty and it
has a little illustration on it I’ll link this one up in the video
description for you I got it on Amazon but I’ll link that up and it goes into
your a port if you have the cricut maker you’re a port normally has this little
piece in it which you’ll have to remove and the easiest way is to just if you
open this a little bit further you can just easily pop it out of there and then
you’re gonna pop this into here like this and close it up this your coil coil
also comes with this little metal piece and that is designed that while you’re
getting everything ready in your machine you can pop it under there and no excess
heat goes on to the bottom of your machine but we’re ready to go so I don’t
need to pop it in for now so now what we’re gonna do is we gotta take on that
so we’re gonna line it up and we’re going to insert it into our machine I’m
gonna make sure my cable is out of the way again another reason that I like
having the external battery pause I can put my cable anywhere you can USB it
directly into the machine but my preference is to do it this way we’re
going to press our C button which means it’s going to go and now it’s gonna
start foiling so now our image is done we can remove
it from our machine so this is always the exciting part and you can kind of
see where it’s already embossed everything and everything is already
cool so you’re ready to go as soon as it’s done as I say you need to leave
your foil Co about five minutes before you start and when you’re done you’re
going to just insert this little piece in or I’m just going to quickly clip out
my foil quill and I have a little glass jar next to me it’s not that hot I can
pick it up I can touch it with my hands just these obviously standard portions
and things so I’m gonna peel off my tape and the piece of foil that I had up here
I will just save it can just go into my scraps for afters so it’s not going to
be wasted at all so you can reuse the foil and I can reuse all of these little
pieces around again just using that snap map feature on my Cricut which I love
and I’m trying not to peel it off because I want to have that kind of fab
moment afterwards I’m just holding this down and you can use the genuine leather
or you can use the faux leather that Cricut do so are we ready so now we’re
going to peel this back isn’t that amazing so we have foiled our
own another design so you can see all of that amazing detail in there and you can
see where it’s left it behind on our foil too so that’s kind of your leftover
designs in the foil so now we’re going to pick this up off of our mat I’ll just
grab my spatula here to help me lift it up and this is the Fabri tag mat that’s
my preference you could use the standard grip mat to that also works with your
leather put that to the side and then you have a few different
options to cut this so you could use a rotary cutter or I’m just going to use
my big Tim Holtz scissors here so I’m going to do just a rough cut and then
I’m going to neaten them up in a second so I’m going to leave myself a little
bit of space and I have to say I do keep all of my
excess when it comes to the leather just because it is a little bit more pricey
to work with it’s what I’m doing is because these
have a longer blade on them I can snip straight from one piece to the next so
I’m just matching up the corners and cutting out my diamond shape earrings I
think these going to look so cool they also do some really cool metallic metal
and leathers rather so I’m just kind of doing a fussy cut I guess you would call
it around the edge of my foil and these are a really nice super shot of course
we also have these new Tim Holtz haberdashery scissors they would be
great for this too I just happen to have these two hand trim up here so that’s one of my earrings and I’m
gonna do the same on the other one and this is really completely permanent I
tried one of these out as a test piece the other day it was really hard to
remove that foiling off of the leather so you could foil notebook covers maybe
for a wedding you could foil a custom monogram for someone and make them a
nice kind of wedding book wouldn’t that be a fun idea you could do things for
rooms you could do jewelry there’s just so many things you could do with this
foil quilt and you can foil onto everything it’s not any other day you
could foil your own scrapbook papers you can foil regular paper you can feel
fabric you could do maybe a quilt label on the back just so many different
things you can do with foiling and it just adds that extra kind of luxury to
things so I’m just cutting out my second one here so you can see there’s my
second one and this was a Disney image that I purchased from Cricut and then
when I did do when I was in Joanne’s the other day I grabbed these jewelry hoop
backers for earrings so I’m going to grab two out of here and want them to
explode everywhere on me so what I’m going to end up doing is if I grab my
craft pick which is on the other side of my table over here so I can take this
and I’m gonna put a hole in here possibly a crop-a-dile would be a really
good tool if you have one also your cockpit is perfect and then you can just
thread through your earring piece now put this one on the wrong way around see so you can see there we’ve created our
own this one’s on the wrong way around but every thread afterwards you can see
gonna have my own custom red earrings how cool are they gonna look all custom
foiled because you can make them in any size on any color of leather so many
different options I think of such a fab idea so thank you so much for joining me
for this advance foil quilt tutorial I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing different
things you can do with the foil quilt let’s say check out there’s two other
videos we did with the foil quilt as well so many different ideas and we’ll
be using the phone call lots lots more here on the channel all your links in
the video description I’ve linked up tons of stores for you tons of different
options so you can buy the three tips individually you can buy them as a kit
with all three I’ll link up all the different machine options or things fab
that you can use in any of your electronic cutting machines and if
you’re on the fence is to which machine to buy we have that video for you as
well so you can check out which machine might be best for your craft room and so
thank you so much for joining me here at the Hedgehog hollow don’t forget to hit
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enjoyed today’s video I will see you again tomorrow for another fun tutorial
see you again soon happy stamping everyone bye

13 Replies to “Want a Foil Quill? Have a Foil Quill? Watch This! How to foil Leather & more! Options are Endless!”

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  5. Well done! Just received my standard quill yesterday and I’ve been playing with it all day. Thanks for your creative ideas! I’m going to try my leather with the Snapmat feature as I had a bit of trouble lining up the foil properly. My image ran into my tape and it didn’t foil completely. Could you have had the Cricut machine cut the leather as well?

  6. My friends and I LOVE your videos. But we agree that the purple roots distract us. Instead of listening to what you are saying, we are thinking that you should go back blonde or natural. The purple was great fun when we first saw it, but it's distracting from your natural beauty. It's harsh on the eyes. Comment sent from the crafty community in Dallas with love. Help us to focus on what you are saying and not on the purple roots. Thank you and blessings sent. Happy Easter.

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