44 Replies to “War of the Arrows / 애기살 / Arrow Guides”

  1. 양궁 세계최고가 어디? 바로 한국이다🇰🇷
    바람은 계산하는것이 아니라 극복하는것이다.

  2. funny movie. the fact is korea was beaten first by the mongols and the qing
    they were the tributaries of ming
    so whats the point of this silly movie?

  3. どこも致命傷、一撃で死ぬような所では無いんだが…




  4. هاهم الأفلام روعة غير نشاب اخالي وراهم سطيفية مكانش ولا وقيل راني واحدي يمحاينك

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