War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 1

War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 1

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  1. The Corsair outmatched the Zero in every respects except turning and rate of climb?! Well what is left is only dive speed…and ruggedness

  2. The Shooting Range has been around for a 3th part of the time I've been in WT, yet if feels like forever!

  3. When will the kv1 one be nerfed because the tracks suck up to much damage and American tanks have a hard time penning the front so can you fix that

  4. I have a question… will you put rockets on planes like air to air and jets like the f22 plz… and to prove it my account is monchokayinYt

  5. are free boats gonna be added for players gaigin? thanks for answer, my name in war thunder is felipe507332332410

  6. I'm guessing the reason ATGMs aren't the be all end all of modern armoured warfare is because you just can't carry enough of 'em on those tiny ground vehicles.

  7. i never had a computer, do all my networking by smathphone but i'm seriously thinking about to buy a pc to play this game ever since i found some warthunder game play on yt. Do i need a bad ass machine to play it or regular pc do the job? [i'm not trolling] happy if anyone enlights me, thanks. (i'm uruguayan, sorry for the bad english)

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