War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 101

War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 101

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  1. can you update dynamic campaign so there's a mission were the player can drop the Little Boy and Fat Man? p.s i'm a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE War Thunder fan.

  2. Why the Heck didn't you let the Bf110 C4 stay in game for people who already unlocked it like you normaly does with vehicles!? 🙁

  3. 18:40 plenty of tanks let you unload ammo, even in ww2, but adding a feature to keep the gun unloaded, and load a specific shell as desired might be a decent alternative…

  4. Dear Sir, as I am visually impaired, I cannot read the random security code needed to download War Thunder. Please improve Accessibility. Thank you. Kevin  Grainger

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  6. Is there any chance that we can see the AH64Ds in Warthunder or is that to far ahead of the current timeline?

  7. I like how the last American helicopter is the most modern but the jets are still stuck in the 70s

  8. so ill say this agin in summery..soviet tanks are trash, they relie on mas human life sacrifice to achieve a goal.. this is a lot like t-34 tanks trying to kill tiger tanks… they just basicly almost couldent even do it and had to close to rock throwing distance..not saying that's the case to day.. its a little further then a stones throw but you get the meaning.. 10-1 odds with one soviet tank surviving per attack basicly.. any nation that dreams of fighting alied armor better get used to that as well..we share our tec with allies like germany and the uk or japan… and they all field better armor then they were ever asked to face

  9. further… name me one 120mm class armor pericing fin stabilized discarding sabot that was rated less then 600mm of armor… that is unless your a Russian… they found out the hard way that a autoloader limits the physical dimension of the shell to basicly their original designed size…..witch is why they went to a dual propose gun missel launcher.. because they had reached the limits due to size restrictions because of their auto loaders… the 120mm shooting the super sabo silver bullet if u will has in excess of 800mm armor protection irl while the soviets are closer to 500mm and that's for a t-72 no less using a 125mm main gun. agin I wont say how much it will pen..but ill put it too you this way… on the fiew tanks that got hit by the us main guns that didn't explode into pices and just burned… a t-72 tank could be examined to find the entrance hole……and the exit hole… both on different sides of the vehicle…and that was through the hull and engine… or turret for that matter it didn't matter… now a tank that can put a hole strait through another tank frontaly at over 1500m? yyaaaaaaaa you do the math on who pens what and how hard.

  10. my favorit part so far in this was the leo 2a4 and its comments about armor lol….. or imo the lack their of that is… see the leo 2a4s armor might as well not exisit.. it still stopes nothing at its teir other then now it will stop a zsu-57 frontaly…witch none of the leos have to date. that said it added 5 tones of weight and for what? do a little reserch and u will find out that it might stop a standard round at ranges exceeding what 1.5 2k range maby? well outside the ranges that combat takes place in game. in game the maps favor he who has the best gun depression and he who has the most sloped armor because for whatever reason in game..all the worlds armies appear to just wana fight in terrain that hs on averagewhat 500m at best engagement range from cover to cover and that's being generious. no..the leo has no armor unless your maby an aa tank at best. and lets not forget..the armor values are fake anyways along with the gun penetration values, they are what I call gadginised for their own perposes. in reality the leo 2a4 had a quite extensive armor envelop when it was a new tank that offered imunity to a veraity of soviet and even western ammunition, espicialy aginst cemical munitions. the armor is good at a range of around 750 to 1000meeters in most cases aginst kenetic and even better in some cases depending on the ammo used. but as time marched on the efectivness was reduced..leading to ad on armor packages and even entirely new models preduced. warthunder will never let tanks or planes play out as they did in real life. doing so would only serve to please users and not the devolopers… I mean lets face it..t64 and I don't care what model of it… maby aginst the side of an m1 at range and definatly not aginst the frontal unless point blank or less… for example..the m1 abrams, to be exact I wana say the m1a1 from desert storm was found to be almost impervious to knock out frontaly.. it fought aginst the t-72 no less and I cant say because its national secrits and all..but the us army lets say didn't consider a t-72 even a threat until ranges had closed below around 800m…im giving you what we call an opsec number… lets just say the real number is a lot lower.. the t64 and I don't care what version you have.. by the time it was created its compedators of the day in any version would laugh at a t64… the t-64b was an export sell upgrade to remain compeditive to the us m60 tank… not to get compeditive to an m1 for example..it had add on armor and a new gun and fire control I believe..ill have to get back to you about the gun..i think it stayed the same as it would require a entirely new turret to be introduced manily due to the tank being built around the autoloader system and main gun. but ya.. gadgins perpensity to inflate their home countries capabalities to a lever they were told they had maby,…wished they had maby…. but never had still to this day. the t-64 is a joke imop… for a Russian tank it wasent half bad for Russian standards but not aginst us standards it was a total lackluster thing… ill put it too you this way.. the us army designed all of its tanks to fight the Russian hord in Fulda gap..aka ww3… about 1000 us tanks give or take were tasked with fighting a nation that has an untold huge number of armored tanks.. production numbers were hugly disproportional to how many the us army faced… it was expected to fight out numberd even as high as 10-1 odds and with confidence come out the winner.. us designs are the apex.. the top of their branch nomatter what category you wana speak of and were built like that because we believe quality not quanity.. we value our crews that man vehicles and their lives… mean while the soviets have ben and are still to this day, don't value the lives of its service members like we do.. or else they would have built a better tank then their throw away hords of 55s 6264s or t72s for example.. we build quality not quantity…. some how the Russian people never stoped to wonder if what they are being told is the truth.. because any one that only had 1000 tanks ever took a stand to my 20,000 tanks…..only 2 things could be true…their nuts or their tanks are better…cause only a shure man or a mad man qould bet 1000 vs 20,000 in a fight…just saying. us army armored series..14 years and a historian nut…but what the hell could I posiably know about war

  11. Can you guys add an option to change your ammo types when you're in a captured zone? And maybe even resupply fire extinguishers

  12. So the self guided bombs became a crave? Huh thats awsome but some of them looked like drones you think its possible to add one of those to a dive bomber??

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