War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 103

War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 103

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  1. wow . i wa splaying war thunder and listening and some how i look at t 62 beggening and the map berlin i goobackt o game i oin berlin map , coincidence? maybe but maybe not

  2. Do you have any planes for adding french Char 2C? It will be a nice addition to the family of multiturent tanks.

  3. Will you consider adding the unarmed bomber variant of the mosquito with the 4000lb cookie?
    Please show us brits some love 🙂

    Attempt 2

  4. So since russians get in simulator event lineup T62-M1 vs leopards 1 when we get KPZ 70? Because T62-M1 is only one tank with composite armor in that line up…. KPZ and MBT 70 have half the effective armor and even worse shells to fire so WHEN u add them to NATO line up to balance it? or perhaps remove T62-M1?

  5. Can we get a way to search for matches solo and in squad seperatly? The majority of my squad mates are in EU while im in NA, and id like to have it set for NA with solo que, and NA and EU when im with a squad mate. It's no big deal, honestly, but more of a quality of life improvment, I think.

  6. hey gaijin you forgot to rebalance one of the Pershings on the American tech tree the m26e1 not to be confused with t26e1-1 it's a premium that I personally own and is still at br6.7 not 6.3 like the other ones please fix thanks

  7. I am one of the new players on Xbox. I have played the game before and I am wondering if I can link the app assistant to my Xbox account?

  8. Will a full tank cockpit design be implemented like how we got bomber cockpits? Presently It's just a slit with the surrounding being pitch black. I wonder if it would be possible to model at least some of the insides of the tanks!

  9. can you do something about the challenger 1? when I play this tank I feel like Cannon fodder for enemies, not like a worthy competitor

  10. 2 questions:
    Will you make a video telling us about remote controlled turrets in planes such as the B29?
    And will you model in the damage to hydraulics, I.e if your hydraulics get shot up you stop being able to use flaps, gear, etc.

  11. How is the abrams 14,000 TO REPAIR THE LEO2A4 IS 4,000 REALLY?
    Screwing us poor people over..
    Even in premium i cant afford to play that tank

  12. Will you guys add carriers to naval battles it would be very cool to support my team with the abilty to replenish torpedos and repair aircraft while being able to put the airfield in strategic points and having to protect them to win battles from the air not just the water

  13. I understand that you aren't ready to put afterburners in the game yet, but there are some more modern aircraft such as the a10 thunderbolt 2 and su- 25 frogfoot that did not have afterburners and did not rely on guided munitions for combat, I think that aircraft such as these would be a great addition to the game eventually

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