War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 106

War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 106

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  1. America is like that international homeless guy other nations keep giving things to, to make it feel better about itself.

  2. Do you plan to add shell deformation and falling apart and maybe sharpnell bouncing? Small feature but entertaining

  3. 3 questions:

    1 & 2 • What bomb has the biggest explosive mass? And what plane carries it?

    3. Which plane carries the most ammount of bombs?

  4. hey gaijin when the Italian tech tree is finally released will it be similar to the French where it has other nations tanks?

  5. Will you fix (reduce) the RP, SL and crew train cost of the jagdtiger, object 268 and the SU-122-54. they seem really high compared to the other TD's around the BR.

  6. Any chances the Heuschrecke 10 could find itself in the game?

  7. Hi gig in could you please please add infantry to tank battles it would give us a better use for our coaxial mgs and give the game a more realistic feel I would love to run into a player controlled pak 40 at the end of a urban street or a man with a piat gun

  8. Hey Gaijin, great job and thanks for all the hard work on the game! I was wondering if you are working on another trailer since those tend to be pretty popular and could bring more players to the game?

  9. Please,please nerf the IS-6.It is making any players at br 6.7 suffer and is no joke.It is utterly unfair.

  10. Hey Bruce! This is a serious question. Why do we see so much about Soviet Pilots and so on. Does Gaijin really hate it to make a clip for German Soldiers? P.S. love the Shooting Range!

  11. Landing is stupid in RB as cap zones drain points too fast. And I’d love to see that Stuka dive on any anti air outfitted destroyer (which is 95% of what is played)

  12. Heyo! Do you guys think you could implement a feature where you could design your own user made decals?

  13. Do you Have an ETA for the Spaghetti Tanks? And what would be the next country for ground forces after that?

  14. Could you guys talk about the b1 bis "Jeanne d'Arc" witch fought in the battle of Abbeville in 29 may 1940
    Or about the b1 bis "L'Eure" or " Le boucher de Stonne" witch has destroy 11 panzer 3 , 2 panzer 4 and 2 pac37 in one battle he also take 140 shots.

  15. Hey Gaijin. So u really read them all hu?!… ok then:
    A honest critic.
    (not really has anything to do with this vid)
    i wanna talk about the Missions Special Missions and the hole "spin wheel" open stuff thing.
    I could write alot why im unhappy with ur way of "rewarding" players. But i wanna say something in General. I play WarThunder now for quite some time, also ive played alot World of Warships, and i wanna speak about the feelings i have when i get "rewarded" by each of the games. As i played WoW alot too i can say sometimes u even think: "Allright thats generous almost" and after takeing one of the pretty nice balanced steps to the reward and then finally the reward itself i really feel happy. And as i think back (i didnt played for around 5 month now) thats what stays in my memory.
    Hole other story with u guys. And i dont like to say this cause i LOVE the game but the feelings i connect with ur reward system are… well mostly anger. I cant count the times i landed between the 2 good directly on the 5k silver lions or maaaany diff things, but like that.
    And thats my point. Is this a good rewarding system when the feelings i connect with it are mostly dissapointment or sometimes worse? And of corese i could really be almost on my own with this (but i know my friends i play both games with would back me up here)
    U have a new Warshop system wich took a little step in the right direction it was even more frustrating loosing warpoints shortly befor u could achieve what u wanted to do cause the month is over. But for me that doesnt did it.
    I dont wanna say i know what u do or that im the super pro. knowing the woods. I just wanna point out that my feelings when i think about both systems wich both wanna reward the player for playing right?! … are completly different, and i thought maybe i should go and try to put this feeling into words trying to descibe what i mean…

    thank u 4 ur time

  16. Hey, this might sound weird but, can i get about 47,000 Silver Lions so I can put my not yet in service M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo in to service?

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