45 Replies to “War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 108”

  1. I just want to know if you guys have considered to give the cl-13 a rival in late jets. I know there are plenty of ways to counter it but since its Canadian aircraft if we could see it in the British or American trees.

  2. And what about a shitting range? Idiot game is SHITTING upon (human, real) players' heads by using its IDIOTIC bots…

  3. Nice video, but what abou fixing the APDS of the Conqueror so it really becames a killing machine? We are waiting what? 3 years now for the fix?

  4. When will battleships be coming? And are you considering putting the T-90 and the leopard 2A5 ??? (T-64 not bias enough)

  5. I like to put together video creations, mostly revolving around this game. Would it be too much to ask for a rewind button on the replays?

  6. Would Gaijin consider adding aircraft carriers under the following reasons:

    Player would act as a mobile repair/rearm station

    Player could launch AI squads
    Player could control said AI squads at any moment, as in Air RB style.

    Player could be an objective to destroy.

    Player would act as a AA barge for others.

  7. Hey gaijin, are you planning to make a ios and android version of the game like wot blitz and warships blitz

  8. Will we soon or ever see post-war heavy bombers (b36/52, tu95) in the game? Non-nuclear payloads, of course 😉

  9. sorry I should've clarified its not ping or packet loss its my elevator it will twitch and make the front of my plane go up like I landed and when i was taking off when I got around 115 mph the plane just went full elevator and destroyed the tale of my aircraft I know it wasn't me war thunder do you think you can fix it on the xbox

  10. Well, I love your game but, and its a big but! How come the is7 is more common than the tiger 2 in games ? I now measure weather we will win on the number of Russian tanks on my team compared to the others?

  11. HOW CAN I FLY JETS ON XBOX!!! PLEASE HELP. Mhhhmmhhm. Could you please make a tutorial on Xbox jets. I have the MiG-15 MiG-9 and IL-28

  12. IMPORTANT:Will you ever reduce hetzers br it's so bad in 5.7 can't bounce anything hardly can pen anything?

  13. I play war thunder on xbox and I just got the f-80A-5 and the plane keeps twitching I can get kills with it but it will twitch and I would over shoot my target I'm not for sure if I have to get a certain modification all it is is annoying

  14. Hello, I just wanted to know if you have planned to improve explosions , MG and Autocannon fires and some smokes to make them more realistic.
    For example, small caliber MG's when firing have somewhat nice fire effect, but then you move to 14,5mm, 20mm , 25mm, 30mm 37mm etc… and the effect produced when they are fired is ridiculously small. IRL those weapons not always produce fire effect when they are fired but, when it happen Its a really big deflagration.
    I would like to see something similar in game, not every single shot seeing deflagrations but ramdomly and big realistic ones.

  15. Can we get the Old gun sounds back? New ones kinda sound broken and not as cool as they used to be.

  16. Can you add the Heinkel P.1077 or the Messerschmitt P.1101?? Please?Would be cool to see more German Tier V fighters

  17. since he have alot of mig planes in russian lineup, like in jet mig-15, 15bis and a 17 model. Can we also exept a mig 19 anywhere in the future?

  18. WIll we be seeing any canadian aircraft added into the game anytime soon? persay the CF-105 arrow nudge nudge wink wink

  19. Please please please fix ATGMS I wasted $5 on a vehicle with ATGMS just for them not to work immediately on launch they fly all over the place after 10 ft they fly into the ground

  20. Hello Gaijin. Why is the Leopard A1A1 9.0 when you have American, Soviet and French tanks that have equal or better firepower and way more armour that the Leopard, and are smaller BR? For me this is the only reason not to play high tier germans.

  21. Hi,Why do the Leopard 2a4 don't have the dm33 it's the same missle of the typ90? Do you add it in the next Updates?

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