30 Replies to “War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 110”

  1. Technological advancements to everyone but America: brand New high efficiency jet engines.

    Technological advancements to America: replace doors with machine guns.

  2. The initial way to play helicopters is inertia fighting. Gain momentum by going forward, then swing around for attacking ground targets. (Go overhead of the land target, then swing around.)

  3. Why do you guys add everything O.P at like tier 5 or 6 + helicopters, you guys dont give people on tier 4 or lower anything. AB and RB take so long and its just too annoying trying to get to tier 3 to 5. It will take months!

  4. The Huey <3… even the director can pronounce it perfectly.

    The Huey <3… Truly is an Iron Pegasus

  5. Can we please stop the upteiring of the Tiger H1 and E. The other day I had guided missile being shot at my tiger….yeah those weren't there in ww2

  6. whats great about the mi 24 is that it could carry a aa team or at team along with it bringing more firepower with it

  7. Thanks for adding the helicopters. It's a small step for the developers and a large step for all players of War Thunder!

  8. The moment the Hind comes to WT is the moment the american pilots hide. BTW, when are we gonna get Romanian tech tree if possbile. It has a lot of German planes, and italian, but it would be a cool addition

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