48 Replies to “War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 111”

  1. Hey gajin .. When you gonna fix the minimap issue on the ps4? Its over 1 month now that I not can see all 3 caputure zones at the same time on the minimap? ?? Only 1 and when driving to another caputure point the other Will show up… Please fix this !!!

  2. Ok so the episode 110 thumbnail was a MI -24 but I heard that phlydaily was at games-con and he tested helicopters but I swear that was his MI-24

  3. Will we ever expect to be able to select different viewpoints while spectating, i.e a cockpit view?

  4. Is there a possibility of the "day time" in hangar changing to night when there's night time at the location you're at? The day time in hangar all the time is kind of boring and would be nice to know that you've really played 24h)))

  5. Ummm Hi there gaijin Germans have two USA tank m47 and m48 can USA have some german tanks? like Tiger H? P?

  6. Now we have Hueys ,will there be a troop carrying variant that you drop troops off at a certain point ?

  7. Can you add the Grille 15. If you don't know go to wargaming.com. maybe you both can work together. Please more vehicles makes player happy

  8. Can you stop matching more than one tier together. Many gamers have been quiting because they constantly get out tiered.

  9. Hey Gajin will you ever include the sc1800 kg "devil" on more planes as it used to historically and add the sc2500 kg "max" bomb onto the game for Germany??? Russian bias has 5000kg bomb…

  10. Hey Gaijin ! Since you have added the G 91 are you going to add the Bregeut 1001 taon for the frenc Air Force ? Thks

  11. gaijin!can you add“letters”to“decals”? please!
    (Sorry, my English is not very good, I do not know if this statement is correct)

  12. With the addition of sensor fuzed shells for the M247 Sergeant York, can the developing team see themselves adding the more modernized FAPDS rounds for the 35mm Oerlikon Cannons?

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