War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 116

War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 116

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  1. lol in War thunder no one will help you, at best they will wait for you to die and then rush out and try to secure a kill.

  2. You might see some of them answered in the next episode……… If you left questions last episode then I guess its just bad luck….

  3. PLS make Enduring Confrontation standart its a quite good mode and it makes so many planes usefull and gives your game so mutch more depth in my opinon its amazing!

  4. Me-163 Komet: Ja! They made an episode about me 😀

    Bf109: When will they talk about me? Sob sob 😭

  5. Sense we are getting more modern vehicles and there are SPAA with radars, is there a possibility of stealth aircraft like the f-117 being added to the game?

  6. Just a hypothetical scenario if the Dutch air and navy tech tree are going to be added which faction are they supposed to be fighting for? Allied or Axis?

  7. Here is a challenge for you.  Run a 163 out of fuel and  then land it with the gear down on the runway.  No brakes, and evidently no friction to slow the thing down.  It only stops when it hits terrain well past the runway.

  8. so sometimes there's a glitch where there is a black box in the middle of the sun on the Japan map and others. Fix it maybe?

  9. I really like the tank for the Brittany which is actually and altering amphibian and carried by the ships that launched the amphibians and launched tank on Normandy Beach. The only problem this is still a lot of game issues. A lot of people are having the same issues as me. When you try to anyone at Target it gets bad because your tank is going to try to destroy a building while you're aiming at a tank. Airplanes get hot and crash easily. When are you guys going to be able to strengthen the endgame when you're playing. I mean get it fixed?

  10. Attempt #11 For the Italians, could you please add the CV-33. It would be an excellent counterpart to the American M2A2, and just have it be a reserve tier, or even a special even vehicle. Now that i got that out of the way, how about you do something about Parts and FPE making them more reachable in all tiers, and remove the rp cap when you dont have a premium account. I'm here to play War thunder, not Grind Thunder

  11. Please bring good change to parts and fpe. Dont see this as another way to make more money and frustrate your dwindling customer base.

  12. Y'all realize that, despite Gaijin being a russian originated company, communism is basically "everything is free" and Soviet Union was like that before, but nothing in this game is free.
    War Thunder is like the most capitalistic game ever, nothing is free, at all.

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