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  1. I find it ironic they're using mouse aim (as in AB/RB mouse aim) for much of the cockpit view demonstrations, talk about lazy production (You can tell by the movement of the stick)

    also talking about rudder/aileron trimmers in FW190

    Speaking of "fun" – SB's reward rate has reduced by 12-fold in the past 5 years, unlike AB which has actually increased. Hmm, I wonder why gaijin demotivates us in doing so.

  2. Hey Bruce, maybe for April fools we could use jumbo jets and semi trucks instead of planes and tanks? oil tankers and cruise ships for boats? it would be hilarious to dogfight in massive jets with no guns. It would be like jousting!

  3. 4:32 Well Gaijin, this obviously isn't true in your game… I've said it before and I'll say it again, fix Air RB.

  4. Bruce, about the guy who asked if you would ask a question in the comment section. Might I suggest the question be along the lines of a pay raise?

  5. The endless yet unanswered question. When will there be tanker avatars? The fly boys get too much attention already.

  6. your adds trick people into thinking they will shoot stuff and they will be cures and by your stupid game just ask them to get your stupid game};

  7. I always liked British ships (and French too) for their design, so I brought a pack, and started naval battles under GB flag. But just like in ALL WW2 naval-like games I play(ed) the British fleet – lets just say – is "underwhelming" compared to the others, (same goes here too).

  8. Will you consider adding the supermarine seafang? It has the same propeller type as the wyvern but its a fighter.

  9. Do you have plans about adding to game T 54A? It would be great to see it, because of the changes that soviets put in it (for example: vertical gun stabilization)

  10. Hi can you make GOLDEN EAGLES easier to get for those who don't have money to spend on a premium account etc. PLEASE!

  11. One question for next episode:
    How can I play with other 5 players in RB if the maximum number of people in a ploton is 4?
    Please I need an answer….

  12. Szép kedves üdvözletem Bruce! Will we ever se the Vespa TAP on the game? It would be funny. And a really serious wish: More derpy big guns please they are so satisfying!

  13. Here is a question that I have tried to work out but have failed.
    If I only play one nation tanks only realistic mode no boosters (no pay to win) and I play for 1 hour every day assume and average of 4 games 2 wins and 2 losses what would be the estimated average time line (in days) for getting to the highest ranking tank…..lets assume you are researching all tanks on every level as you go, and nothing more gets added.
    For the life of me I have answers that are widely different.

  14. Hey Bruce, I'm a iMac User, any chance we'll see some collaboration with Vkb or some other controllers on mapping for their products with iMacs (my in game name is Bangle6)

  15. Can I play infitary in war thunder?
    I am asking because in Henan Province there is infitary on the ground

  16. i dont like being uptiered, can we get a system where we can change to a different preset that has a higher tier then your current preset, so you can have a fairer chance in fighting battles?

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