40 Replies to “War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 123”

  1. Is Bruce really Batman? Charismatic, well known, clever, followed by a few hundred thousand or so. I think he just might be.

  2. you have ATGM, modern tank (M1,Leopard2,ect) and now attack heli, will modern jet like F15, F16, MIG29, SU27 or older F4, F5, and MIG21 make a future appearance?

  3. Hey, do you know if you could add another British AA tank between the Crusader AA Mk I and the Falcon? I think almost anything would make life easier for my chaps on the battlefield between br. 4.7 and 7.7. Thanks, Bruv

  4. Now that we have Naval Combat can you add a PBY Catalina with a 20mm cannon so i can take out those pt boats?

  5. Will there possibly be a form of playable aircraft carriers that can allow players to refuel, reload and repair along with allowing aircraft to spawn on the carrier?

  6. Attempt #18. Hey now that you have finally announced the Italians, are you going to add the CV-33 or one of it's variants.

  7. Don’t plan but probably will add Ww1 they did with ships they did with modern tanks and did with helicopters

  8. Can you give away another jet?  Waiting to play a jet game has gotten crazy even for just an 8.0 lineup (forget 9.0).  2 of us trying to squad up have had waits EXCEED 1 hour, but it is routinely 20+ minutes.  It was great for a while when all the low level guys got the FB4-Js as there were a bunch to go after, but they quickly disappeared. When we do get in it is often the same 10 other guys.  We all feel like we know each other now.

  9. Hey
    Are you going to add proximity fuse shells in Tank Battles? For example for the 8,8 Flak 37 Sf I.?

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