37 Replies to “War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 124”

  1. I love how when they talk about German bombers bombing places they always include civilians. But when allies bombs Germany and their allies there is no mention about civilian casualties. Of course, the allied forces were sent from god with the purest intentions. And are heroes and didn’t do anything wrong in the war. Applause to the almighty allied forces sent by god himself. (L A M E)

  2. The shooting range is always something to look forward to each week, but here's a idea for ya, what if you had to build a premium vehicle. As you get more top battle ranked tanks, planes, ships ext. you get work done on some thing that was "pulled out of the mud" so to say. you first get it rusted and unlock "Fix it" over time. DO it for each nation so it's kind of the end of tech tree reward. A free premium tank, plane, ship ext you get to chose what element land, air, or sea

  3. Can we test fly or drive all vehicles even if they are locked? So I can test which plane or tank I should research to?

  4. Now that supersonic planes and guided missiles are making their debut, can we expect to see mobile Surface-to-Air Missile launchers as tier 6 AA?

  5. Could you please rework your replay system so that older version replays don't get lost forever. It is a really bad system.

  6. HELP I'M IN A ECONOMICAL CRISIS in the game how to get my balance up without boosters wages or premium accounts

  7. In wt do you need to buy more hangar space forma more tanks and planes or you can have as many as you can ?

  8. Dear Gaijin could you add a feature that you can choose what to repair first in ground forceerde like movement our the gun and turret. Just like you can choose with ships what to do first pump the water out or repair.

  9. Why isn’t there a p-51b or p-51c in game? Just jumps from a to d. Love the game. Y’all get more right than most. But you also miss some things.

  10. Dear gaijin, is it save if i buy DLC Pack vehicle from War Thunder's Steam store even my account created outside steam ver??

  11. Dear Gaijin

    I would like to inform you about an in-game mistake which seems to be a slip of touch. In the PS4 War Thunder, there is a typing mistake in Naval Crew training in which the "Distance" is written "Destance" while the others are correct. I hope this information is helpful.

    PS4 War Thunder player,


  12. I couldn't find anywhere else to complain so this will have to do. What kind of brain dead moron would consider a test drive a "reward" worth any effort whatsoever, it's an insult to have it as a possible "prize". I'd rather one of your employees come to my house and piss in my face than to even be offered one as an add-on to a real prize. You've blown any chance of getting any money out of me, I wonder how many others feel the same way… I guess I'll just have to have a bunch of "friends" level accounts with my subscriber code.

  13. Gaijin will you add the ray tracing features to the game? I have an rtx card and I want to use it!

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