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  1. Is there anyway I could replay the recording of an interesting Aaa kill in battle after I have quit the battle

  2. 4:05 i love how this fact is never told anyone outside of this video!

    Good job explaining basics in video 126 and in one line only!

  3. Yoooo Bruce! I have 3 questions for you :))

    1. Can you make the field of view bigger? (like World of Tanks, you can zoom in and out in normal mode).
    2. Can you add some more tanks? (you can check out World of Tanks for ideas).
    3. Can you add the kill cam or the hit replay for airplanes?

    I would really love it if Bruce would add this to The Shooting Range Episode 127. Love your game :))

  4. I sometimes like to spot out antennas from behind thin cover like stone walls, or track tanks that roll behind destroyable cover (like a wooden shelter) only to send a shell their way and watch them explode.

  5. It would be cool if you could add some kind of an ending screen video sequence with something like tanks rolling past the deafeted enemies or something like that so the game doesn't just end.

  6. hello from italy,will you add helicopters for italy faction in the future like the mangusta and others?

  7. Will we see the VVSS M4A3 shermans? They saw service for the US Army while the M4A2s did not.

  8. Hey Gaijin, will the Handley Page Victor or Avro Vulcan get added to the game because of supersonic jets??

  9. Gloster Javelin Mk9 Maximum speed: 610 knots at sea level (710 mph 1,140 km/h), Warthunder's Top Speed 983km/h.

  10. Gajjin would it be posible that you would be able to reload a round even if your canon brich is fine but your canon is damed even when your repering sou you could fire a soon as you repered you canon?

  11. I just got an idea
    Take all of the planes and tanks and add them togheter. Then take all the ships and multiply them with all the helicopters. Then subract the 2 groups. What number did you get?

  12. If I sign into the gaijin store on my iPhone, could I use an iTunes gift card to purchase golden eagles?

  13. Nicely done, I love all the stuff that is getting implemented in the game and I would like to see more, but with all of this the gamemodes are getting a bit "smaller" don't ya think?, are you going to put some gamemodes or events in the close future?

    Oh and what about a new mechanic for the SPGs with high caliber guns like in the video for very long distances shots, because they were used like artillery strike sometimes isn't it? Merry Xmax btw

  14. hey would you guys ever put in a German premium jet like Erich Hartmann's jet or the German G.91 from the 50s?

  15. Can we have an multi-nation Eastern-european tree consisting of minor Axis nations (voluntary or not…) that were later part of Warsaw Pact as a next one for the game?
    Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany Hungary, Poland and Romania all together in a single tree. It would be great for game balance in RB and SB, because it would even the number of countries in Allies vs. Axis for WW2 range of BRs and it would add the 2nd non-NATO tree for Cold War era.
    We already have a few Romanian aircraft and East-German vehicles in the game and especially the East-German ones seem really out of place in otherwise completely West-German tree. "German" MiG-15 bis even makes the Jet MM act strangely sometimes…

  16. Hey Gaijin could you add the Centurion Mk 13 so Britain could have a 7.7 vehicle. Even as a premium I'd buy it. Just thought i'd be easier as you've just introduced the Sho't Kal Dalet.

  17. Dear war thunder dev crew can you please add something like the finish bt42 or a swedish tech tree
    Thank you

  18. Can you make a way to transfer progress from one tech tree to another? I played American tanks all the way up to the dead zone (4.0) and I just gave up on U.S. tanks.

  19. Speaking of needing no crew, what if you allowed a tank to survive with just 1 crew. The tank wont be able to move, stays in place, and the last man in the tank literally fights to the last man

  20. @Warthunder:
    Thanks for that Italian Tree! Can we please have an 'Ice Cream Truck' mod for the R3-T20 HS ,playing this song: @
    How 'bout the Marder 2A2A-7 for the Germans?
    How 'bout the South African Rooikat ? Not too much different than the Centaro!
    Thanks again!

  21. Now that we have a Vietnam map, why not the proper Vietnam tanks? The Aussie Centurion and the M48 variant that was actually in Vietnam to name some 'needed' tanks

  22. Hi shooting range, Do you think that a UI could be added to let the player know what BR game they are in? eg to know very quickly if you are up or down tier

  23. Something something something "I like using down tiered M4A3 (105)s to act as heavy front line tanks"

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