21 Replies to “War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 127”

  1. Hi Bruce and Gaijin, I spent Christmas with my family without the Internet, so I missed the first 5 coupons for the T30. Can you offer me for Christmas 3 points to have a chance to get the T30?…

  2. There are so many japanese aircrafts with many informations on them on Internet like the Ki-11 or Ki-33 etc… are you hoing to add these planes in the game ?

  3. hey guys at war thunder i have a problem i lost my primary email and now i would like to put my account on another email

  4. Gaijin, with the introduction of supersonic gameplay, any chance we will see the MiG 21 be added into the game? Also keep up the good work on the game.

  5. Hello guys you I am one of you players that have been playing for a long time three or four years but there's one thing I know a really like y'all to add I know y'all have a BF 109 Z but can you add a heinkel 111 Z it was used to carry big aircraft I was made as a towing aircraft but carry a big load of bombs

  6. Can you please remove the earape stock music? I find it hard to watch your vids while I have "BRREBBB VREEERMEEEEEORRR BUB BUB PPPPPPPPP NYEW BAM BAM BU BU BU BU" blasting in my ear the whole video

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