44 Replies to “War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 128”

  1. Wish to see all inputs mapped so I wouldn't have to go into options to start mapping buttons for idk range finding, setting bomb timers, zero aiming reticle etc

  2. The real balance between the Abrams and the Russian tanks were between superior American optics and tech. Americans can fight at night. Any plans to add optics to balance the weaknesses?

  3. Is there any chance of the B-47 being added? It had a similar conventional load to the B-29, and with the introduction of supersonic jets and A2A missiles, interception wouldn't be hard at at… Well, I'm looking forward to low level penetrations…

  4. Can you from all the planes and tanks you have see if there what makes the perfect design for a tank and a plane under each sub category?

  5. Will you consider puting M84 tank in the game? It is Yugoslav version of T-72, you can add it in Soviet tech tree.

  6. pls add bomber achievement
    kill a flying aircraft with a bomb (the bomb must hit the plane, not the explosions)
    reward 500 GE

  7. Are the japanese vessels near future to be added ?????
    I mean less than 4 months.

    Greetings from Colombia

  8. Hmm, one thing I really wanna see added is bigger boats. Mix heavier boats (aircraft carriers, battleships, destroyers, etc)with light torpedo boats. Also more guided bombs, nothing more satisfying than a direct hit with a Fritz X. Anyways, happy new year everyone, and I hope this game continues to grow and improve.

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