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  1. bring back Nigel bring back Nigel bring back Nigel bring back Nigel bring back Nigel bring back Nigel bring back Nigel bring back Nigel i will stop playing the game if you do not bring him back #saveNigel

  2. When will you add the F/A 18 Hornet from America. Or the A-10 Warthog. If you have the Abrams, Zulu Cobras, and Huey’s, you need these planesto make fighting more relistic

  3. Using rockets on the MiG-15bis ISh is really difficult without lots of experience; the rockets fire down at an angle so most pilots will be unaccustomed to this compared to rockets on other aircraft firing straight ahead, and when playing in arcade mode the aiming reticle for the rockets is below your field of view when you zoom in to try to aim accurately.

  4. why is your game designed to be soo frustrating to the point where you will spend money to end the frustration and there are sooo many hidden costs in your game to play on a level playing field, how can you say your game is not pay to win?!?! To ace out your vehicle, it cost golden eagles; forever vehicle! I spent what it cost for 5 triple-A games before I found out you have to upgrade your crew, and tanking your high trie tank out that you just got a discount on the form the in-game gambling mechanic is a bad idea if you don't have a fully upgraded crew: unless you like pain!!! On top of that, there is no clear definition oh how these mechanics like siting work, especially in Arcade, and how you can miss tanks when pointing straight at them from 100m away! This all seems soo shady that I would really just like my money back!!! PLEASE?!?! I was also told "thanks for your support but you own nothing in this game" By a moderator!!! When was the last time you bought something and it really was not yours??? I also don't think it's fair to be up tried against vehicles your tank can't even scratch the paint on! ever 9 out of 10 matches it seems like I die to a tank 1.0 Br higher than me and all i can do is through snowballs at him!!! Im not paying to be cannon fodder! So just please be a stand-up company and just give me my money back and I will be on my way! have a nice day!!

  5. Attempt #3

    In Russian accent please

    1. As air battles are growing more advanced with the addition of super sonic aircraft and its only going to get more advanced, Will VTOL aircraft be added at any time? If so won’t that mean that helicopters will be obsolete?

    2. If ground battles gets to the stage where t90 and t14 are added will you add the 152mm Test beds and for the kapitalists the 140mm Test beds? Also, what happens when you run out of vehicles to add?

    Thankyou for time komrades.

  6. Happy advance birthday to your father Bruce! Hope you'll live long enough to be a legend to war thunder

  7. I have a question
    Why is the Bf 109 Z not anymore explorable. I looked and not found it. I would like it if you add it to the game again

  8. Is there any chance of adding the DO-19A ural bomber. It would be good if germany has another heavy bomber

  9. Why is the M113A1 (TOW) sitting at BR 8.3? The Bradley is 8.0, BMP2 is 8.0, Begleitpanzer57 is at 8.3, Warrior is 8.0, Type 89 is 8.3 and the AMX-13 (Hot) is 9.0. The M113A1 (TOW) is obviously the weakest of all these vehicles. To be honest the M113A1 should be at the same BR as the BMP1 at 7.3 or lower. Let me added that the M113A1 only has 50 cal / TOW and has no scouting, no airstrike, no improved optics and no artillery support.

  10. Hello GJ. Do you add anti-aircraft rockets to defend against helicopters? Helicopters destroyed the game in the toptier…

  11. Gaijin, me and many others would like to see the strumtiger in battle, do u think its possible?

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