War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 16

War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 16

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  1. It's size makes me wanna target it first because it's so fat and big

    Idk is it me or is it entertaining o shoot at

  2. Wait you said no high caliber guns did you not notice that there is the hurrianne mk4 with 2 40 mm cannons ahh the 2 kills i got i0with it in ar ade but its op in assault

  3. I found the flying ship at low altitude i shot it a little then it tired to out maneuver me and clipped its own wings lol

  4. "If you change the wing, the plane would be considered a completely new aircraft."

    Say that to the F-35 Lightning II. The wing is virtually identical to the Raptor's, the only major differences are the engine and munitions bay configurations.

  5. Do you plan to add some polish tanks or planes? even some low br like tkks or its name is something like this you will be faster than wargaming and probbably atract some pnew players i am playing world of tanks hardly ever and if i am ai am doing this on public two week open test server and here is one more thing why wont you do server like this?

  6. Dear Gaijin,
    Do you have any plans on adding the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk to the game?
    With great respect, Intimidate45.

  7. could you please give a shootout to BaronVonGames Slickbee and PhlyDayly these YouTubers do a lot for the game by making it well known by playing it and it would be nice to see that their work is appreciated thanx Gaijin ps can't wait until war thunder boats

  8. are you guys planning on adding fire extinguishers to bombers after knights of the sea or I a later patch?

  9. I don't like how they are adding more modern tanks and planes I wish they stayed between 1930s and 1950s

  10. we now have the first six engine aircraft but will we get the 10 such as the b-36 with its six props and 4 jets, but could we have that one in the store line and one with no jets engines in the tech tree. it would also even out the Russian Tu-4 bias with its 18 20mm guns 2per turret. it would be very nice. 😀

  11. I really love realistic air battles but its boring to climb to altitude for 10 minutes. Any suggestions to do while climbing?

  12. Are you guys going to include the Vietnam modification of the skyraider, as in the one with the 4 20mm cannons.

  13. when we get the naval updata, will we be able to get an aircraft carrier and takeoff and land on it?? so will we be able to controll the planes or will they be AI controlled?

  14. Will there ever be more life in the hanger? Everything is so dead and all since there is nobody walking around, moving a crane or something.

  15. In 1945 germans were diveloping a new RUHRSTAHL X-4 air to air missile, witch was guided by wire conections (JUST LIKE NEW WAR THUNDER ATGM's). I think that TA-183 HUCKEBEIN (aircraft that used to cary those missiles) would be fast, deadly and balnced PREMIUM AIRCRAFT (SHERMAN COLAIOPE OF THE SKIES). Is it possible to put it in to the game?

  16. Hi War thunder. I would love to see parachutes get shot down when a player ejects from a plane. Could You add this in update 1.65?

  17. When can we possibly see some jet tutorials, here's an example maybe once you buy a jet get maybe get a new tutoriel. That's something I would have found useful and many others who just started jets may like to improve there skills before getting destroyed by more experienced jet pilots.

  18. I've been watching some IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad videos for the past few days, and I was wondering, will War Thunder ever get a damage model similar to IL-2 BoS?

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