War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 18

War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 18

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  1. American thinking.
    Well then…. That was highly disturbing.

  2. Is it a possibility in War Thunder 1.79 or in a small patch to add the Leopard 2A0 as a rank 9.3 tank for the Germans?

  3. is there any way you could add it so we can pick a pilot from a different country and they have perks like new Zealand might be defensive?

  4. ive notice the germans and russian getting alot more new vehicle ahead of the brits and the yankees why is that and when will they get some love

  5. He I'm from Iraq are you gonna but more war world1 planes in the game And I'm sorry if there in me writing because I'm no good in English

  6. @10:28 "we do read them all"

    That is good news.

    So my question,
    When do you plan on fixing the 13mm ammo belt options for German planes? Its been reported multiple times since 2015, and the community provided proof of belt option (historic documentation of common use) but I have yet to see any of the devs or community managers comment on the forum posts about it.


  7. Hello gaijin,i was wondering,is there aney chance that you will ad the vought V-173?ATLEAST AS A PREMIUM!!

  8. Is it Possible to change the color of lead indicator in arcade? Because sometimes its hard to see it. Can you please help me, are there any mods that can change it?

    Please add this feature to the game! 😀

  9. Thanks a lot, gaijin, that u fucked up the targeting on 90% of tanks. Ballistics of the shell sucks and zoom is so small that it's useless.

  10. Will infantry units be added to the game? It could be so nice! Many players have started playing War Thunder.

  11. So I was wondering about how if the Italian tech tree is going to be added does that mean Italian tanks as well? What about the French? Also if the Germans have the Maus will the upcoming Japanese tanks get the O-I superheavy tank? Anyways I love the game keep up the good work!

  12. Ok so not a question more of a request and or business idea, so taking War Thunder to Xbox could take the fight to world of tanks where they have never been challenged before

  13. Will you ever add modern vehicles, example, M1A1 Abrams and F-18 Super Hornet?
    I think this would be really cool!

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