War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 2

War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 2

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  1. Well and look where we are: We never got the promised feature to lock the black widows turret BUT the mentioned Bf109 Z was actually added. Gaijin truly is unpredictable, even when it comes to their own words

  2. When will bombers be buff they where scary before now they are just target practice one shot and they are out I'm tired of this a lot of people don't like it too when you fly American bombers a 20 cal one shot your tail off all bombers not even close to realistic the B17 is a joke on war thunder one shot always

  3. Is there a such thing as Water n Methanol injection with WEP & Paddle Props as in aircraft that were equipped with them?

  4. Hello ! I have a question! I go trougth "Shooting range" videos and how do i exacly make the the "Hineri-Komi" manover? I try to get it like in the video but i dont seem to quite hit the spot… Would you kindly explain it to me in a answer to this comment so everyone trying to learn it can read it?

  5. Um, about the BF109 Z, they only built 2 mauses which never entered combat, yet the maus is in the game.

  6. Reading Comments? Reduce the BR spread to 0.7 and balance matchmaking so
    we dont get clubbed in 90% of our matches. Real number 90%. Out of 100
    games 89 were clubbing by others.How? Majestic Konigstigers in 15 of the
    opposing team when my top BR is 5.7. Or seeing Jagdpanzer IV in T-34's.
    Clubbed. Think about this before advicing anyone anything for they can
    wipe with that advice when they encounter 185mm armour turret
    konigstigers in their Tiger 1's. Oh, i should flank the tiger 2 with my
    tiger 1. This when i dont appear in his radar 500 metters away 360
    degree arround him.

  7. my brother WeeklyNevada killer StuG III A with a StuG III A it was a very close battle weekly got the first shot after the other missed its first shot

  8. I have to say that a combi of a vive (or rift) and a standard mouse and Keyboard setup is the best thing for me

  9. Nice video.
    4:55 Is there any way to get the turret and cannon on the P-61 to fire at the same time at the target in front of you?

  10. 3:31 The P-61 is amred with 4 20mm Hispano cannons?
    In my knowledge it where 4 20mm AN/M2 cannons

  11. When are you adding the ability to radio into other tanks like Skype voice chat but in war thunder as if you are driving a tank and you need to speak in your own words for support

  12. I am a little surprised that you would use the Maus, but not consider the BF-109Z for the reasons of only having 1 ever produced. The Maus only had 1 completed as well. The 2nd hull was constructed, but no turret ever assembled. But who am I to complain? Awesome game and I cant wait to see what the future holds. Any plans for more modern tanks like the T-72, T-80, T-90 or the M1 or M1A1/ M1A2?

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